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► It’s Like Glass: September 28, 2014

En route Lori egged me on to race four boats. I opened it up to 5000 RPM and zoomed right past them.

► Runnin’ the Potomac: September 27, 2014

On their sailboat the journey took about six hours rather than the thirty minutes it took us.

► Run Around the Point: September 26, 2014

On our way down the Bay I had to do a careful dance of keeping the RPM above 35 but below 38/39 RPM. Going into the Potomac River again posed delicate navigating to reduce the impact of wind and waves.

► Journey down Potomac River to Rappahannock River: August 1, 2012

Wednesday 1 August 2012 Journey: Fort Washington – Port Kinsale – Carter Creek (via Potomac River, Cheaspeake Bay and Rappahannock River) Time: depart around noon – arrive around 5:00 pm Vessel: 320 SeaRay Sundancer Conditions: sunny, pleasant; water FLAT like glass Lori and I were invited by Barry and Eric to join them in a […]