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► National Offshore Grand Prix: October 4, 2014

SATURDAY 4 OCTOBER 2014 Journey: Triple L Estate – Patuxent River – Triple L Estate – Tiki Bar, Solomons Island – Island Getaway, Solomons Island – Anglers, Solomons – Triple L Estate This morning we had an incredibly high tide. With over 2 ½ hours before high tide water had already begun to cover the […]

► Solomons Grand Prix Races: September 15, 2013

Sunday 15 September 2013 Solomons Offshore Grand Prix Journey: Triple L Estate – Kingfishers, Solomons Island – Triple L Estate Today was Solomons Offshore Grand Prix boat races. We left home rather early in order to avoid race traffic. As I approached the bridge I saw Coast Guard patrolling the area closer to Calvert County […]

► Boat Parade: September 14, 2013

Saturday 14 September 2013 Journey: Triple L Estate – Lens Marina – SeaBreeze – the Beach – Triple L Estate – Solomons Island – Holiday Inn, Solomons – Kingfishers, Solomons Island I wanted to go out and watch the practice races for tomorrows Offshore Grand Prix, and also fill the African Kween with fuel to […]