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► Our Finest: October 7, 2016

FRIDAY 7 OCTOBER 2016 Journey: Triple L Estate – out towards the base – Kingfishers, Solomons Island – Island Hideaway, Solomons Island – Greg and Dee’s – Triple L Estate We headed towards Solomons Island for a late lunch. Because we have gift certificates for Kingfishers, that’s where we decided to eat. On our way, […]

► On a Mission: April 20, 2016

Wednesday 20 April 2016 Journey: Triple L Estate – Solomons Yachting Center, Solomons – Striped Rock, Solomons Island – Triple L Estate On our way out of the channel into the Patuxent we saw a Navy ship anchored in the river. So cool. Didn’t get too close as we had a goal – get to […]

► Struttin’ Your Stuff: April 16, 2016

SATURDAY 16 APRIL 2016 Journey: Triple L Estate – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Triple L Estate It’s my first time out, for an afternoon with the Boyz at Broomes, since Lori’s surgery. Although they initially said they’d be there by 2:00, I still delayed departure in order to allow them plenty of time to get […]

► From Far and Wide: September 25, 2015

FRIDAY 25 SEPTEMER 2015 Journey: Triple L Estate – Kingfishers, Solomons Island – Solomons Yachting Center, Solomons – Triple L Estate As I’ll be traveling tomorrow for Angola and Kenya, with a long weekend in Delft, Netherlands on my return, we wanted to top off the fuel before I left. Since we planned on going […]