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► Strut Your Stuff: March 9, 2017

Thursday 9 March 2017 Journey: LLL – Calvert Marina, Solomons – Island HideAway, Solomons Island – LLL On our way to Solomons Island we encountered much windier and choppier water than we expected. As we cruised along I noticed the motor trim gauges not syncing properly. After testing the motors, we confirmed that the engines […]

► Vessels Vessels Everywhere: October 3, 2016

MONDAY 3 OCTOBER 2016 Journey: Triple L Estate – Mill Creek, Hollywood – Calvert Marina (fuel dock), Solomons – Hidden Harbor – Spring Cove Marina, Solomons – Calvert Marina (floating docks), Solomons – Triple L Estate I had taken the day off in the hopes we would be going away for the weekend. Unfortunately, we […]

► Ferried: August 20, 2016

SATURDAY 20 AUGUST 2016 Journey 1: Triple L Estate – Calvert Marina fuel dock, Solomons – Triple L Estate Time: start 11:30 am Passengers: Capt. KandL Lori and I went over to Solomons in order to fill up on fuel. There were actually quite a few vessels fueling at the marina. On our way home […]

► Family Affair: August 12, 2016

FRIDAY 12 AUGUST 2016 Journey: Triple L Estate – Island HideAway – Drum Point – Cheasapeake Bay – Triple L Estate – Island HideAway – September Song, Calvert Marina (walk to Hidden Harbour) – Triple L Estate Matt’s step-brother, N, and his family, are in the Washington DC area on holiday. Matt invited them down […]

► Neighbors: August 5, 2016

FRIDAY 5 AUGUST 2016 Journey: Triple L Estate – Island Hide Away, Solomons Island – Calvert Marina fuel docks, Solomons – Tiki Bar, Solomons Island – Triple L Estate Lori, Matt and I went for a late lunch at Island Hide Away. While there, Shaun happen to call Matt to see what he was doing. […]

► No Rest for the Weary: July 29, 2016

FRIDAY 29 JULY 2016 Journey: Triple L Estate – September Song, Calvert Marina – Triple L Estate – September Song, Calvert Marina – Triple L Estate   I went to Calvert Marina to pick up Bob, Stephanie, Eric and Rob on September Song. We had invited them over to our house for a ‘traditional’ Maryland […]

► Too Hot To Party: July 22, 2016

FRIDAY 22 JULY 2016 Noticed a sheen on the water definitely coming from the port engine. We tilted the motors all the way up, let them sit for several minutes before putting them down. Set engines so blocks were level. Oil levels the same on each engine and good. The oil looked good, not milky […]

► A Pirate’s Life: July 2, 2016

SATURDAY 2 JULY 2016 Journey: Triple L Estate – Calvert Marina, to look for September Song – Spring Cove Marina to check out fuel prices – Calvert Marina fuel dock – Vera’s White Sands Beach Resort – Triple L Estate Many bozos on the water. Let me first say, most likely, none of the boats […]