Monthly Archives: May 2018

► Expendable Passengers: May 27, 2018

Sunday 27 May 2018 Journey: Triple L Estate – Charles Street Brasserie, Solomons Island – the Beach – Triple L Estate We had a significantly overcast sky throughout the morning. Fortunately, the sun started to make an appearance as we prepared for departure. We met the Boyz at Charles Street Brasserie for a Sunday brunch. […]

► Don’t want their return: May 20

Sunday 20 May 2018 Journey: Triple L Estate – Calvert Marina fueling dock, Solomons – Island Hideaway, Solomons Island – Spring Cove Marina, Solomons – Triple L Estate After a week of rain – consistently raining interspersed with high winds, lightning, and thunder – we were delightfully surprised with a sunny day. It had been […]

► Nothing Wrong with Uneventful: May 11, 2018

Friday 11 May 2018 Journey: Triple L Estate – Hidden Harbour, Solomons – Triple L Estate Olivia is sick so we didn’t get her yesterday and today Lori went to Waldorf in order to watch her. When she returned home from Waldorf we went out for dinner at Hidden Harbour. After a pleasant, uneventful, evening […]

► No Mariners at Marine Museum: May 5, 2018

Saturday 5 May 2018 Journey: Triple L Estate – Garden Point community pier, Hollywood – Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons – Lighthouse Restaurant, Solomons Island – Triple L Estate The Admiral had already started the engines prior to my boarding the vessel, so I’m unsure of the exact start hours. In the early afternoon Pey and […]