► Mental Note: April 28, 2018

Saturday 28 April 2018

Journey: Triple L Estate – Solomons Island wall at Tiki Bar – walked to The Pier and back – Triple L Estate

post 8258 race boatThe race boat I had seen earlier this month was again out on the creek, practicing I suppose. I wondered which race for which it prepared. As we headed towards Solomons we noted two different vessels being towed. It’s most unfortunate, we know, to end a day that requires towing. We then saw a tri-maran scooting along the river. So very lovely, and an uncommon sight.

We decided to have lunch at The Pier as something different. We certainly did not want to tie up at The Pier on the main river. Instead, we went into Solomons Island are to park along the wall at the Tiki Bar.

post 8372 church

In a strange twist of fate, the Tiki Bar has not reopened for the year. The owner died unexpectedly and no one has taken over. Never thought a day would come without the Tiki Bar opening in spring.

After securing the vessel to the wall we locked the pilot house doors before walking over to The Pier. Although we have tied up at the Pier with previous boats we have owned, we no longer want to risk it with the Gurlz Gotta Eat.

While sitting on the outer deck I noticed Kt coming in with his son on a cat-power boat. I went out to the rail in order to assist with catching lines. I had to squeeze between tables along the rail … and then up and over people sitting at tables in order to reach the proper pilings. I apologized as I moved along, but they understood the predicament.

post 8379 coast guardI’m sure Kt would have had a MUCH MORE DIFFICULT time with the tie up had I not assisted.

While sitting at The Pier, relaxing, I noticed Coast Guard pass by – mental note to self. Fortunately, no problems on our way home.

post 8428 fire boats

Conditions: 69℉ at 12:30 pm; 72℉ at 2:00 pm
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’
Passengers: Captain K and Admiral L






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