► SPRINKLES!: April 26, 2018

Thursday 26 April 2018

Journey: Triple L Estate – Island Hideaway, Solomons Island – lot between Kingfishers and the Oyster Museum – Triple L Estate

post barge boat 8098We had a lovely sunny day and I wanted to go out on the boat. Not only to be out on the boat, but to also get O again accustom to being on the boat. She has become so regimented on how things are supposed to be … she is going to have a very difficult time changing to her new life vest when she outgrows her current vest…. which will be soon.


post olivia lori 8037

As we ride on the boat, Lori also wears her life vest for two good reason: 1) to be ‘role model’ for O, and more importantly, 2) I told Lori if a “FREAK” accident did happen and O fell out, highly unlikely, there’s no doubt Lori would immediately jump in to save her. IF that happened then I want her also wearing a vest.

As we departed Triple L Estate, O and Lori sat in the stern. Soon after reaching cruising speed it became too cold to sit outside so Lori and O came inside the nice and cozy warm pilot house. O and Lori sat on the bench seat, looking out the stern window and beyond.

post olivia window look 8179O did ask about the banging noises from the cabin area caused by the wave/ chop slapping against the hull. Lori explained. Satisfied with knowing what’s going on, O happily returned to watching out the stern window.

As a rounded around towards Solomons Island, I slowed, of course, at the ‘No Wake’ line. O immediately asked, “Why you not going fast, Teen?” I told her about the speed limit. O immediately commanded, “GO FAST, TEEN!”


We calmly cruised our way to Island Hideaway. I expected the wind to push us off from the end of pier – our usual parking slot. I turned the bow thruster on in preparation. Swinging ourselves around, with the wind blowing us off, using the bow thruster certainly provided useful assistance.

post alex red 8066

O did quite well just sitting down … after giving her the horn to honk as we readied the lines. As we tied up we noticed Alex at the ramp area with his dog. We asked if the dog was kid friendly. “Yes.” When we hopped off the boat we went around the building looking for Alex and his dog … but they had disappeared. We found them inside the restaurant. O gave ‘Red’ some loving before we finally sat down.

Once at the restaurant, O at first would not take off her life vest. I then explained I wanted her to show Katy her SuperGirl outfit. She then allowed the vest to come off so she could strut her stuff.

post o top slide 8086 post prep slide 8091

post o ice cream 8153After eating we went to the playground area for some play time. For dessert we went to Bunky’s for ice cream. We asked what flavor she wanted, her response, “SPRINKLES!” “Yes, you can have sprinkles, but what flavor?” “SPRINKLES!” As we waited for her cone she kept asking, “Where are my sprinkles?” We returned to the playground for more playtime before finally returning home.



post 8206

Hrs: 323.1/322.1 –
Total Fuel used at start: 20.4 gallons
Total Fuel used at end: 26.2 gallons
Conditions: winds at Solomons recorded at 5 to 8 knots when began, winds picked up slightly, later in afternoon. Sunny, quite warm, estimate ~ 67℉, although feels warmer at departure, once underway it felt quite cool.
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’
Passengers: Capt. K,L,and O








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