Monthly Archives: April 2018

► Mental Note: April 28, 2018

Saturday 28 April 2018 Journey: Triple L Estate – Solomons Island wall at Tiki Bar – walked to The Pier and back – Triple L Estate The race boat I had seen earlier this month was again out on the creek, practicing I suppose. I wondered which race for which it prepared. As we headed […]

► SPRINKLES!: April 26, 2018

Thursday 26 April 2018 Journey: Triple L Estate – Island Hideaway, Solomons Island – lot between Kingfishers and the Oyster Museum – Triple L Estate We had a lovely sunny day and I wanted to go out on the boat. Not only to be out on the boat, but to also get O again accustom […]

► Cheers to the TaTas: April 21, 2018

Saturday 21 April 2018 Journey: Triple L Estate – Sea Breeze, Mechanicsville – Triple L Estate NOTE: Green marker ‘13’ missing signs, nothing but post in water NOTE: large barge platform anchored just slightly up river of Sea Breeze pier, not quite, but nearly, in middle of river. Arrive to Sea Breeze to see Charles […]

► The only thing that mattered: April 13, 2018

Friday 13 April 2018 Journey: Triple L Estate We had planned on going on the boat with Olivia and the neighbor, Br and her two girls once Ol finished her nap. Today was quite warm, almost HOT. It has gone from winter weather to summer weather in zero days. Light wind in the cove, but […]