► Family Fun Time: September 3, 2017

Sunday 3 September 2017


Journey: Triple L Estate – Calvert Marina near to fuel dock – area of Island Hideaway, Solomons Island – Hidden Harbour, Lusby – Triple L Estate


We’ve had O for a few days. S wasn’t feeling well yesterday so we got O for an extra day. BONUS. S came down today. Lori, along with S, spent a large portion of the later morning -early afternoon at S and K’s party. During nap time I stayed at the house with O. After her nap O and I went back to S and K’s to collect Lori and S. Once I herded them back home, we went out on the boat.


Prior to heading out to the Patuxent I noticed quite a few boats anchored on the other side of Clarkes Landing in the Mill Creek area. Always being curious we did a slow cruise through the area to check things out.













Afterwards we headed towards Calvert Marina to say “Hi” to September Song. They were at a pier near to the fueling dock greeting friends of September Song who had just arrived on their sailboat. The sailboaters will be keeping their vessel at Calvert Marina throughout the fall and winter.  Docking took a bit of … nerve – skill – attention …. I think it’s the tightest area I’ve ever had to maneuver. I had to swing my stern into the slip while at the same time avoiding striking a boat with my anchor projecting out from the bow spit.

I expected to only say ‘hi’, but we ended up on board the sailboat for a brief visit.

We intended to go to Island Hideaway for dinner. When we approached their pier, however, boats occupied the two slips we like to use. The remaining slips would have been far too difficult as they are just too wide with pilings also set too far out. Granted, if we wanted to struggle we could have made it work… but we didn’t want to have to struggle. Instead we decided to head over to Hidden Harbour. A nice alternative as the slip against the restaurant was available and there is an area where O could run if needed. As we passed by Calvert Marina we saw what must be preparations for a wedding.


We forgot O’s drinking cup. We thought she could be a big girl with a glass. Unfortunately, she spilled the entire glass into Lori’s lap. Fortunately, it was water and not something sticky – like lemonade.

The table next to us had a dog with them. They allowed O to ‘pet’ the dog and she was all into putting her face into the dogs face and letting the dog lick her entire face. I think the owners were as amused as us.

As we again passed by Calvert Marina on our way out we saw that the event indeed was a wedding.

On our way home I had a slight scare as we entered Clarkes Landing Inlet. A small bowrider went cruising by without me having seen it until the last minute. I told S I should have seen the boat LONG before I actually did … and I don’t know why it had escaped my notice. That bothered me – A LOT!!!! Fortunately, we made it home safely.


Hrs: 303.5/302.5 – 304.7/303.7
Time: 3:50 pm – 6:45 pm
Conditions: sunny, warm
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’





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