► Journey up Patuxent River: August 26, 2017

Saturday 26 August 2017

Journey: Triple L Estate, Hollywood – Sea Breeze, Mechanicsville – Hallowing Point, Calvert County – Jug Bay, upper Patuxent River – Point Patience ‘baylet’ area – Triple L Estate

During our ‘hand-off’ of O we learned that S received a text on Thursday from a friend asking, “Is O out for dinner on Solomons Island?” “Quite possible,” S responded. Her friend wrote back, “And she came by boat?!” Yep, that was O. S’s friend was also at Hidden Harbour for dinner and recognized O.

M had called us earlier this week saying she wanted to spend time with us this weekend. Excellent. We told her we planned on heading up river for the hot air balloon fest at Hollowing Point. She was game.

We departed Triple L Estate utilizing the upper helm due to the lovely weather. M sat next to me, while L went about her business down below, occasionally joining us on the flybridge. It seems like we are traveling so slow as we sit on the fly bridge. During our journey I’d look at gauges and see I had bumped up to 40 to 41 RPM, rather than our usual cruising speed of 37 RPM. I would then slow down in order to conserve fuel. I don’t think the upper helm throttles hold as well, which causes me to often adjust our speed to ensure we stay on plane.


post 4141 military jackets

We first stopped at Sea Breeze in order to pick up something to eat. It was a bit windy which makes for a slightly more challenging docking experience. Fortunately, there was someone on the pier who offered to assist, so we threw him our lines. I was even more pleased with his assistance since he seemed to be quite competent with handling the lines. It made for a much easier docking situation.

post 4172 flybridge view

Approaching Hallowing Point, we saw no hot air balloons. Pity. Since it looked as though we could fit under the bridge, we decided to carry on upriver. We made it under the bridge with about 2 feet to spare.

We went quite ‘a ways’ up the Patuxent River, enjoying a BEAUTIFUL ride. It’s also interesting to see various houses and structures along the river. We went as far as Jug Bay. Wonderful scenery! Peaceful. Magical. Totally unexpected journey up river.

post 4239 houseSeeing this house we couldn’t help but wonder why anyone would build a house on the water and then place such small windows facing towards the water.


post 4248 elf shoe stephen cloudSeeing this cloud, that looked like an elf shoe served as a sign that Stephen was with us … in spirit.









Hrs: 298.2/297.2 – 302.3/301.3
Time: 1:30 pm – 6:42 pm
Conditions: lovely, pleasant, sunny day
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’
Passengers: Captain KandL, M




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