► An island change: August 20, 2017

Sunday 20 August 2017

Journey: Triple L Estate – September Song, Calvert Marina, Solomons – Sea Breeze, Mechanicsville – September Song, Calvert Marina, Solomons – Triple L Estate

Rather than meet for brunch on the island, we offered to pick M/V September Song (Bob and Stephanie) and S/V Spray (Byrne) up at the marina and go up river to Sea Breeze. Prior to departure we had opened up the upper helm.

On our way to Solomons, we saw the neighbors pulling their kids on the tube and having fun. We then passed by Sam and Kathy out on the M/V African Kween. We chatted with them for a short bit then headed on out towards the Patuxent.

post 3460 dolphin

As we exited out of Clarkes Landing inlet into the Patuxent River, we noticed a bunch of vessels clustered together. We then realized there were A LOT of dolphins swimming up the Patuxent. We followed them for a short time, but then had to turn towards Solomons.

We picked everyone up at September Song. Bob sat with the Captain on the upper helm on the way up river. They, especially Byrne, seemed to appreciate being out on our boat … and going beyond the island for an eating option.

Shortly after we had tied up, we noticed Colin and Julie coming in to the other dock. Lori and I walked over to lend them a hand with catching their lines. During this time, another boat arrived, so I offered to also catch their lines. This decent sized boat handed over their stern line which was probably 10 ft long, at most. Really?

The band, ‘Big Money Band’, performed. The lead singer, a man, looked more like an old woman. There were not very good, but slightly better if you didn’t look at them.

post 3559 dee of st marys


Hrs: 292.3/291.3 – 294.9/293.9
Time: end 5:00 pm
Conditions: sunny, hot; saw many doublers on our pilings … must be crab mating season
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’
Passengers: Triple L – Calvert Marina: Captain KandL;
Calvert Marina – Sea Breeze – Calvert Marina: Captain KandL, BandS September Song, B Spray;
Calvert Marina – Triple L: Captain KandL





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