► Parking: August 13, 2017

Sunday 13 August 2017

Journey: Triple L Estate – Point of View, Hollywood – Vera’s, St. Leonard’s – Triple L Estate

Lori wanted to go out and learn how to dock the boat into a slip. She had called ‘Point of View’ to ask permission to use their dock for practice. Of course, they said it was ok. Their dock ended up being a good option since (a) the slip we used was nice and wide, and (b) the pilings had cushions so that if we nudged the poles we didn’t scrape up the boat.

On our way to their dock I had Lori practice turning the boat using only engine throttles, no turning of the wheel. Once that had been accomplished we moved to the next lesson – an actual slip.

The first attempt, although not damaging, was not exactly pretty … mostly because Lori didn’t understand what I meant when I gave an instruction. Once we figured out our communication – when I say *this* I mean *this* – it worked out much better.

After a few successful dockings, I then had her dock a few times without me providing instructional input. She did quite well. THEN I had her make the approach from the opposite direction. Again, she did quite a decent job. It’s now a matter of practice to feel comfortable understanding which throttle needs to go in which direction to achieve desired result.

Once Lori finished with her “lessons” we decided to cruise up to Vera’s for an afternoon drink. As we walked towards land we ran into Karyn on her way to her boat with a group of friends. I need to remember her boat so that I’ll know to look for her in the future.

There were a few bozo tie-ups. Once boat sat diagonal in the slip, and another boat, a bow rider, sat with its bow completely under the pier. Not good, especially with a rising tide. Knuckleheads.



Hrs: 287.9/286.9 – 289.9/288.9; leave for Vera’s at 289.0 hrs.
Time: ? – 5:45 pm; departed Cuckold Creek after Lori’s ‘lessons’ at 3:50 pm
Conditions: sunny, warm.
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’
Passengers: Capt. KandL






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