► Like Me: July 23, 2017

Sunday 23 July 2017

Journey: Triple L Estate, Hollywood – Calvert Marina, Solomons – Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

post 1064 boatDb had wanted to come down for the afternoon in order to visit with September Song. We warned her in advance that because of the threat of afternoon storms we may not go out on the boat. She was fine with that since she didn’t have anything else planned. Sometime between 1:30 and 2:00 pm we had a batch of severe storms pass through. We, in Hollywood, had only the southern edge of the storm front. According to the radar, however, Broomes Island encountered a direct hit of red (severe) weather. Our bit of unpleasant weather passed fairly quickly, then looked mostly clear so we decided to go out on the boat.

post 1067 bay boats

As we headed out on Cuckold Creek I told L we needed gas. Since we had enough to get to Broomes and back, I was fine with waiting, but said next time we went out fueling would be a priority. As we began to exit out of Clarkes Landing channel, into the Patuxent, I saw a flash of lightning slightly north of us in Calvert County. Rather than return home, we decided to go to Solomons for fuel allowing the storms to the north a bit more time to clear out before we headed up river.

post 1070 william b tennison

While fueling, I asked Db to please not stay in the pilot house … too many boats have recently caught on fire at the fueling docks. She moved to the bow seat. Great. I told her if anything happened – JUMP!

Fueling: gauge read 71.1 gallons used,
filled with 71.6 gallons @ $2.99/gallons
Hr: 285.1/284.1

post 1072 clouds water view

post 1076 thomas johnson bridgeAfter fueling we left Solomons Island. Turning up river, we noted that the sky looked MUCH clearer than when we first entered the Patuxent. As we headed towards Broomes, US Coast Guard announced (on VHF16) that storms moving across Bay with winds and waves that could capsize a boat and therefore advised people to seek shelter. For us, on the Patuxent, the storms had passed and we encountered fine weather conditions.

post 1096 september songWhen we arrived at Broomes Island Bil Krauss was already playing, as we expected. September Song was docked along the wall, near the electricity tower – their preferred spot. Bb, St, and their cruising friend, By, and their Lusby sailing association friend, Ls, all sat at a table up front … in front of the speakers. Too loud for me.

post 1104 bil krauss

I lingered around, chatting with a few people nearby … while at the same time trying to reduce my exposure to “proud of being deplorables.” The only reason for going to Broomes in the first place was to see Bb and St, and to watch Bil. Talked a bit with Er and Td; Sz and Wy; Ca and her microbrewing husband, Gg; Jl stopped by to say ‘Hi’.

Because we needed to take care of Sophie, we headed home before Bil had finished performing. It would have been nice to hang out with him, Bb, and St on September Song. But no such luck.

post 1156 patuxent riverWe had a BEAUTIFUL ride home. You never would have guessed that this afternoon started out full of storms. On our way home I again heard a VHF16 announcement repeating wind, waves, capsizing, and find shelter.



NOTE: We later learned that an EF 2 tornado had touched down and plowed its way through Kent Island.


Time: 3:20 pm – 7:15 pm
Conditions: ~ 82 ℉, 78% humidity, early afternoon storms which cleared into a beautiful day
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’
Passengers: Captain K, Admiral L, and Db





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