► Paddlers: July 22, 2017

Saturday 22 July 2017

Journey: Triple L Estate, Hollywood – Kingfishers, Solomons Island – out to Patuxent River to area where Paddle Boarders launched – Island Hideaway, Solomons Island – walk to the Pier, Solomons Island – return to Island Hideaway – Triple L Estate

post 0733 vessel raft upToday is the first of what hopes to be annual paddleboard/ kayak poker run, organized by K and J. We had asked K in advance if we could participate in the poker run even if we didn’t do the paddling portion. She said sure, as long as we paid for the buy in just like everyone else.

post 0737 board prepThe staging area for the poker run consisted of Kingfishers to start; then wake across road to launch on Patuxent River on the sandy beach area. L and I arrived to a fairly full pier of activity. We did find a slip… although we noticed R and S’s boat tied to the wall, and a second boat rafted up beside them. I figured, worse case – we would simply raft up to the person rafted to R and S.

post 0761 launch

As the boarders prepared to launch, Lori and I got on the boat to watch from the Patuxent River as they launched. It was soooo hot. The journey from the Pier, around the point of Solomons, and up to Island Hideaway looked to be long and daunting. I was glad to be in the boat. Once most of the paddlers had launched L and I went to Island Hideaway to dock our boat for the final stop. From Island Hideaway we walked to the Pier. By the time we arrived at the pier, some paddlers had begun to tie up, which was not that easy given the height of the patio deck and no proper docking pier.

post 0783 the pier

We enjoyed ourselves at the Pier. Made sure to get our next set of poker run cards. As people began to leave the Pier for the long journey around the point, Lori and I walked back to Island Hideaway. I was actually surprised by how quickly some of the paddlers made it into the channel. We watched as the parade of paddlers filled the channel, making for unique, slow moving obstacles for boats coming into Solomons.

post 0892 paddlers

post 0873 paddlers

post 0917 paddlersAt Island Hideaway we received our final poker had cards. L then bought extra cards to augment her hand. The winner of the poker pot first went to S. Good for her. L happened to be inside, talking to some random stranger, about how she had a full house but just missed winning. The guy went up to the poker organizers and told them that a full house beats whatever it was that S had. They quickly googled it, realized he was correct, took the poker pot from S and gave it to L. L HAD WON – Woooo Hoooo! With her winnings she picked up S and R’s bar tab, as well as E’s bar tab.

post 0990 storm cloud paddlersWhen we noticed dark clouds forming in the distance we decided it was time to get home before any developing storms came our way. As we scooted home we were amazed at how many people had passengers sitting on the bow of their non-bowrider boat, going full speed. One wrong wave could easily pop someone over the edge.

Hrs: 283.4/282.5 – 284.7/283.7
Time: 10:45 am – 4:15 pm
Conditions: nice sunny day; actually, quite a hot day;
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’
Passengers: Captain KandL


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