► Play Day: July 16, 2017

Sunday 16 July 2017

Journey: Triple L Estate – Skippers, Herrington Harbour North, Deale, Maryland – Triple L Estate

post 0198 bridge clear dayL had the brilliant idea of going up the Chesapeake for the afternoon. She recommended we go to Skippers at Herrington Harbour. I agreed. We started a bit later than I expected, but we were still able to leave before noon. With the bright, pleasant sunny day we decided to utilize the upper helm. To our surprise we felt quite comfortable, almost bordering on feeling chilly on a few occasions.

post 0201 screwpile

Entering the Bay we saw what I think must have been Screwpile races underway. Decent day for it.

I always enjoy being on the Bay (when the weather and waves are calm) because you get to see so much activity. It would be nice to have a Bay view to watch all the vessel traffic passing by… but then we wouldn’t have a pier. Give and take.

post 0444 dolphins

Although we knew where we were headed, we always try to double check our location according to channel markers. It helps with ensuring we travel the safest, and most direct, route.

post 0480 dolphin bellyAs we neared Herring Bay we moved down to the lower, pilot house, helm for easier docking. I’m glad we did! As we entered the Herrington Harbour North channel we began spotting dolphins. SEVERAL dolphins all around. What an amazing delight!

After enjoying this treat we continued onwards to Skippers. As we approached the empty dock we wondered what the posted signs on the pilings might say – expecting to be told ‘No Docking’. We passed near a boat tied at an adjacent dock and he said we would be fine. Finally, near the dock, we could read the sign that stated the dock was reserved for boats at least 32 feet long. Close enough. We tied up. A smaller boat had been following us and pulled in alongside the dock.

Before we had fully tied up we see RB come out with but hugs for us. Wow! He had come to meet friends, many of who were in the small boat that had pulled in alongside the dock. What a surprise.

Before getting off the boat I logged into the Chesapeake Bay Dolphin Watch web site to report our sighting in Herring Bay channel.

L and I joined RB and T on Skipper’s upper deck. They introduced us to all their friends who had gathered … which included a lesbian couple. We had a GREAT time talking with all their friends. Nice to be surrounded by like-minded, INTELLIGENT, people.

post 0530 gurlz gotta eat raft upWhile sitting on the upper deck I noticed a boat lingering off the edge of the dock. I decided to go down and tell them they could rat up to our boat. I know what a pain it is to find a place to dock when there is such limited availability of slips. They VERY much appreciated my generous offer.


post 0523 mooning

Although RB and T live in North Beach, most of the rest of the group lives on the West River. Nearly everyone left, but the lesbian couple stayed and we continued talking. I liked that they both also drank micro-brews AND preferred IPAs like me. We invited them onto the boat for another drink – since we had IPAs in the refrigerator.

As L paid our bill she ran into her friend K. Yet another surprise. Finally, realizing how late it was getting to be, we decided we needed to head down the Bay towards home. We had a lovely ride, again from the upper helm.



Hrs: 279.0/278.1 – 283.4/282.5
Time: 11:00 am – 7:05 pm
NO working head
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’
Passengers: Capt KandL

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