► M/V Standoff: July 9, 2017

Sunday 9 July 2017

Journey: Triple L Estate – September Song, Calvert Marina floating docks, Solomons – Washburn Marina, Solomons

post 9794We first went to Calvert Marina to meet up with ‘M/V September Song’ for the afternoon. They had boating friends who also arrived for afternoon drinks. We sat and chatted for a while. The six of us then walked to Hidden Harbour for diner. To my surprise, and delight, K was working there. I quickly snapped a photo of the two of us and sent it to M. K had been his work buddy last summer, and is so sweet.


post 9824 mv gurlz gotta eat mv september song

Stand off: M/Vs Gurlz Gotta Eat & September Song

After eating, L and I took the boat over to Washburn Marina. The marina will pull the boat out tomorrow and begin doing a variety of work on it including bottom painting and fixing the bow thruster. At Washburn Marina I had to thread the boat between other, quite nice, large vessels. I worried the wind might suddenly kick up, or change, thus pushing us into the docked boats. We put fenders out to protect ourselves and others.

Luckily, or skillfully, we threaded between it all and into our reserved spot with ease.



M/V ‘Gurlz Gotta’ Eat on hard Monday, July 10.


Passengers: Captain and the Admiral
Time: start 3:50 pm






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