► Journey Home: July 3, 2017

Monday 3 July 2017

post 9289 license plateJourney: Onancock, VA – Triple L Estate, Hollywood, MD – Island Hideaway, Solomons Island, MD – walk to Tiki Bar, Solomons Island, MD – Island Hideaway, Solomons Island, MD (on dinghy Half Note) – Triple L Estate, Hollywood, MDpost 9287 license plate

Throughout the stay at Onancock, we have determined that Sophie is no longer fit to be on the boat. She had a terrible time getting on and off the boat. She HATED going out on the pier even to get to the boat. We will no longer be taking her along.

post 9613 pelicans birdsPrior to departure, we fueled at Onancock Wharf. An added bonus, ethanol free fuel.
FUEL – ethanol free – @ Onancock Wharf
Gauge read: 33.7 gallons used
Filled: 39.3 gallons
Price: $3.32/gallon Total: $130.98

post 9622 green marker PR1

post 9566 lighthouse

We had a slow ride home due to waves and winds from the north, meaning waves hitting our bow. We rode at about 3500 RPM plowing along at around 20 mph.

post 9461 dolphins

post 9459 dolphins

We saw dolphins, twice – first sighting on the west side of Tangier Island’s southern tip, second sighting southeast of Smith Point. Because of the rough conditions, we didn’t ‘stalk’ them to get a closer look.


post 9460 dolphins

post 9635 sv sigsbee

We had the treat of passing the skipjack Sigsbee which is actually on the National Register of Historic Place and Maryland Historical Trust. She was built at Deal Island, Maryland in 1901 with a length of 47 feet and a beam spanning 15.8 feet. She is one of only 35 surviving traditional Chesapeake Bay skipjacks. She is now among the fleet of many vessels owned by Living Classrooms foundation offering shipboard learning. (www.livingclassrooms.org) I always enjoy an opportunity to see unique and historic vessels.

post 9732 sailboat garage

Once home we had a bit of a rest, and then decided to go out for an early dinner. Obvious choice – Island Hideaway. Afterwards we walked to the Tiki Bar in order to meet up with Bob and Stephanie. We sat and chatted with them for quite a while. When it was finally time to go home, Bob and Stephanie gave us a ride back to Island Hideaway, where we had left our boat, in their dinghy, Half Note. We then headed for home.

post 9730 gurlz gotta eat bobber


Hrs: 270.6/269.7 – 275.2/274.3 (Onancock – LLL: 270.6/269.7 – 274.3/273.3 fuel used: 40.8 gallons)
Time: LV Onancock @ 9:25 am – AR Triple L Estate @ 1:10 pm; journey to Solomons: 4:40 pm – 7:45 pm
Conditions: winds from north; waves 2+ feet
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’
Passengers: Captain Kristine, Admiral Lori, Sophie (Onancock to Triple L); Captain Kristine and Admiral Lori (Solomons)





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