► Karma Return Quickly: August 27, 2016


Journey: Triple L Estate – Calvert Marina, Solomons – Striped Rock, Solomons Island – Triple L Estate – Black Stone Marina – Triple L Estate

post-0617-dnr-policeWe decided to cruise over to Solomons Island in the morning to check out the Dragon Boat Festival. Since we had such a nice day we uncovered the flybridge from which to captain. Passing by the island I was surprised to see so many pop-up tents set up along the boardwalk parking area. Wow. This was so much more of a thing than I expected.

post-0734-half-noteWe first stopped by Calvert Marina to see if Bob and Stephanie would like to join us. We hovered near to September Song, worried at first that they may not be awake. This seemed unlikely since they tend to be early risers. We then noticed Bob sitting in the pilot house, got his attention, and he came out to chat. They did want to join us, but needed a bit of time to prepare themselves. They decided to meet us there.

Lori and I headed to Striped Rock to use as our base. We walked out to the boardwalk to see the Dragon Boat Races underway. Two boats raced at a time. All of the pop-up tents we had seen were team tents used for shade. A bit disappointing.




post-0700-dragon-boatWe walked around with September Song, watched a few races. It had an unfortunate lay out where all of the ‘venders’ were down on the street at the catholic church rather than along the boardwalk where everyone mingled and walked.

We walked down to Kingfishers in the hopes of seeing Eric. He was busy being recruited by teams needing rowers. Drat. Oh well. We then returned to Striped Rock for one last drink before departing.

As we departed the island, a boat passed us going rather fast and throwing up a wake. We told him it was a no wake/ 6 mph zone. He basically said, “F— off” and sped away. May his karma come back to him quickly.





post-0744-three-planesWe returned home and then decided we needed to ride over to Blackstone Marina in order to pump out the head. The lovely task of maintaining boat systems.



Time: 9:40 am –1:50 pm
Conditions: slight breeze, sunny
Passengers: Capt KandL
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’

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