► Chasing the Sunset: August 24, 2016


Journey: Triple L Estate – Striped Rock, Solomons Island – Triple L Estate

0272-girls-polesWe arranged to meet Bob and Stephanie at Striped Rock to hang out with them, and with Matt who worked the back bar.








0291-pink-dragon-boatWhile sitting at the back bar we saw a few dragon boats pass by as teams practiced for Saturday’s Dragon Boat races.

Other than the Dragon Boats, nothing too exiting – just friends gathering to enjoy each other’s company. Spending time with Matt – the icing on the cake. Doesn’t get much better than that.





0377-regattaAs we left Solomons, however, we noticed the regatta underway on the Patuxent. I had forgotten that it’s regatta Wednesday. Even better, they were returning on a ‘spinnacker’ run. Lori promptly took over captaining duties and indulged my desire to enjoy the pretty sails.





































0506-sunset-bridge0524-sunset-bridgeWe ended the evening chasing the sunset home.





0530-sunsetHrs: 233.1/232.1 – 234.0/233.1
Time: 4:45 pm – 7:50 pm
Conditions: sunny with a slight breeze
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’
Passengers: Capt. KandL


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