► Ferried: August 20, 2016


Journey 1: Triple L Estate – Calvert Marina fuel dock, Solomons – Triple L Estate

Time: start 11:30 am
Passengers: Capt. KandL

Lori and I went over to Solomons in order to fill up on fuel. There were actually quite a few vessels fueling at the marina.

9721-tide-n-knots-boat 9738-frisky-work-boat 9724-boat 9734-criminal-intent-work-boat

On our way home some bozo in walk-around vessel with two kids blasted past us on our port side. It then cut close in front of our bow, so close I had to slow down to avoid a collision. WTF!?!

When we returned home we plugged the boat up to shore power and turned on the air-conditioning.

September Song and Gurlz Gotta Eat

September Song and Gurlz Gotta Eat

Journey 2: Triple L Estate – St. Leonard’s Creek – Triple L Estate

Time: – end 7:30 pm
Passengers: Capt. KandL, Debbie

Today J and Khosted a party at their house on St. Leonard’s Creek. We had never been to their house, but we knew to look for their skiff, ‘Short Stuff’. B and S had also been invited so they decided to take September Song up to anchor for the night in St. Leonard’s Creek.

Half Note

Half Note


J and K’s pier could not accommodate our boat, so we anchored near to September Song. Bob and Stephanie launched ‘Half Note’ in order to ferry us all over to the party.



9775-lori-debbie-stepanie-bob-half-noteB first took S, Lori and Debbie over to the party. He then returned to ferry me, our coolers, and a few chairs back to the party.

The party was ok. They had a long table set up for eating crabs with a band set up in a corner of the yard.

They have a nice location for watching boats pass by, most on their way to Vera’s.



















0052-gurlz-gotta-eat-september-song-half-note-boatsWhen we had enough of the party, Bob again ferried us in ‘Half Note’. We decided to go hang out on September Song and swim off the transom.0057-julie-tommy


While on the boat, I noticed Tommy and Julie heading up St. Leonard’s Creek. They happen to notice me waving from September Song’s bow so they cruised nearby to say ‘hi’.

We realized we finally had to head for home in order to take care of the dogs. As we pulled up the anchor Lori washed it off using the raw water hose.


0080-double-d-dorisOn our way down river we noticed ‘Double D’, with a boat party, heading up river. We drifted briefly to say ‘hi’ before continuing towards home.


Journey 3: Triple L Estate – Striped Rock, Solomons Island – Island HideAway, Solomons Island – Triple L Estate

0089-sunset-sky-coveTime: start 7:50 pm
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’
Passengers: Capt. KandL, Debbie

Having such a lovely evening, Debbie Lori and I decided to again head out on the boat for diner. We first, however, stopped at Striped Rock in order to have a drink with matt. We then headed to Island HideAway to eat. Such a lovely time.

On the way home we were treated with a BEAUTIFUL moon. One of the bonuses of boating after sunset.


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