► Lucky Enough: August 14, 2016


Criminal Intent Workboat

Criminal Intent Workboat

Journey: Triple L Estate – Striped Rock, Solomons Island – Triple L Estate


0858-lori-stephanie-bob-kristineBob and Stephanie had invited us to join them to see one of their favorite (among many) performers, Scott Kirby, from Key West. We had nothing else planned, and it was something new for us, so we agreed.


Scott Kirby, Lucky Enough

The performance was at the Solomons Sailing Association, someplace neither Lori nor I had ever been. We docked at Striped Rock and walked to SSA.

The performance was just ok. I think we would have enjoyed it more if we were actually familiar with his music. He was joined by a SERIOUS harmonica player. He wore a belt to hold a variety of harmonicas that looked more like a bomb vest. Oh well, the reason for going was to hang out with Bob and Stephanie, so that part was nice.

9523-scott-kirbyAfter the performance we walked back to Striped Rock and returned home.



Time: start 2 pm
Conditions: HOT with a heat advisory
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’
Passengers: Capt. KandL


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