► Birthday Cocktail Races: July 16, 2016

Saturday 16 July 2016 – Matt’s birthday

Journey: Kent Island Yacht Club, Kent Island, Maryland

Conditions: pleasant, sunny, hot day
Vessel: ‘Bottoms Up’ #1001, Cocktail Class wooden boat
Passengers: Capt. K

Today was the Cocktail Class Wooden Boat Races held at Kent Island Yacht Club. I drove ‘Bottoms Up’, #1001, wooden cocktail class boat built by Bill Maher. I raced in the women’s, post 1979, 6 hp motor class.

Approximately 6 boats raced in this class. Unfortunately, I did not come close to placing in the top 3 slots. We’ve determined my poor performance had nothing to do with my driving… and everything to do with the motor.

I had a spot on start, crossing the start line perfectly as the buzzer blew. The others quickly passed me as I puttered along. I did strategically gain some ground, even passing another racer, by cutting the corner nice and tight. Even with my driving skill, I did not win … or even place. We need to figure out a way to give some more umpf to the motor so that I can at least be competitive.

Today is Matt’s birthday. He drove up to Kent Island in the hopes of watching me race. No luck. I had finished before he could make it up to Kent Island. Instead, we met at Red Eyes Dock Bar. Lori, who is taking an outboard motor class in Annapolis, also met us at Red Eyes. We had a lovely time.

Afterwards, I encouraged matt to drive over to see Eric in Ft. Washington, since it’s also Eric’s birthday. From what Matt said, he had a really fun time. He met a lot of the Ft. Washington gay friends of Eric’s, which was nice. On my way back across the bridge, towards Annapolis, I watched a major storm coming at the eastern shore. My only hope was that Matt was safe on his journey to Ft. Washington.

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