► Goldilocks: July 6, 2016


Journey: Triple L Estate – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

post 0497-cWe had a hot, muggy day of sunshine The heat of summer has finally started to descend upon us. I had contacted BA earlier this week to have her come visit during cornhole – and officially announce her pregnancy to Debbie. Unfortunately, Debbie had already figured it out due to my best of intentions. Oh well, typical.

BA came with husband and child, of course. So nice to see them on a happier occasion. (Last time we saw each other was at Dave’s funeral.) While down by the water, C wanted to go on our boat so she and Daddy climbed aboard with me. C went directly to the helm – good girl – that’s the same place I first go when looking at boats.

If I had brought a child sized vest I would have taken them out for a ride. We’ll have to arrange something in the NEAR future.


post-6527-julie-tommyOn the way home we saw Tommy and Julie returning towards home. We paused for a bit in the river to chat before continuing onward to home.



Time: 5:20 pm – 8:45 pm
Passengers: Capt KandL
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’

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