► Not the Sunshine State: July 3, 2016


6152-bridgeJourney: Triple L Estate – Shamrock Cove, Battle Creek (Tony and Suzanne’s) – John and Judy’s , only lingered, did not tie up – Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

A few days ago someone told us Tony and Suzanne planned on having a party today. Even though we weren’t invited they said Tony and Suzanne would LOVE it if we showed up. We decided to cruise by to see what we could see… the only problem was that although we had dropped them at their house once last year, neither one of us could quite remember which house was theirs. We slowly cruised up Battle Creek looking for a party to crash. We traveled essentially to the end of Battle Creek. Lori remembered their house being on a hill – which describes nearly EVERY house on Battle Creek. I only remembered that it seemed like we were almost in a swamp and I worried about depth.


6211-boats-at-pierReaching the end of Battle Creek we turned around. As we headed back out, we noticed what looked like Tony coming down the hill. Upon closer inspection – it was him. He motioned us to come tie up. We had barely gotten off the boat when Suzanne came flying down the hill and threw her arms around us so very happy to see us. OK, I didn’t feel that bad about crashing their party.

In anticipation of seeing Tony, I had made sure to pack a variety of microbrews into the cooler. Always popular with a micro-brew drinker. The bonus – he hadn’t seen, or tasted, any of the brews I had brought. We hung out at their house for quite a while chatting with them, and their visiting family. Other boats came up and docked at the pier so that when we wanted to leave we had to carefully jockey around the bow spit of one of the boats.

Osprey nest on pier

Osprey nest on pier

We then headed to the St. Mary’s side of the river to make an appearance at John and Judy’s. We already knew that we couldn’t dock at their pier as the stern drives stick out past the end of the pier making a tie up impossible. We expected to do our usual and tie up at their neighbor’s pier. As we approached the pier, however, we noticed a VERY large, ACTIVE osprey nest. There was no way we could pass by the nest. Instead we lingered just off the shoreline chatting with John who stood up on the hill.

We then headed over to Broomes Island. I wanted to make sure to get to Broomes to meet up with Bob and Stephanie – especially since Bob’s daughter, Patty, had come to town and I wanted to meet her. We hung out chatting with them, which was nice.

0446-lori-colin-julie-kristineJust as we planned on leaving, Colin and Julie arrived. We stayed a bit longer in order to chat with them.

I had gone to the boat to switch out my glasses. While on the boat a very drunk woman and her husband stood on the seawall asking a bunch of questions about the boat. Usually I would offer people a tour, however, she started telling me how I should be doing certain things – like I don’t know anything. Because of her unpleasant vibe, and her extreme drunkedness, I did not invite them on board.

Just before sunset we made our way home… mostly so that we could be home to comfort Sophie when fireworks started exploding.

Time: 2:25 pm – 8:45 pm
Conditions: overcast, chilly, threat of sprinkles and rain
Passengers: Capt. KandL
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’

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