► Race Driver: June 18, 2016

Saturday 18 June 2016

Journey: Urbanna Creek, Virginia

Conditions: sunny, beautiful day
Vessel: ‘Bottoms Up’ #1001, Cocktail Class Wooden Boat
Passengers: Capt. K

I raced in the Urbanna Cup Cocktail Class Wooden Boat Races held in Urbanna, Virginia. I drove ‘Bottoms Up’, #1001, boat built by Bill Maher.

I raced in the women’s, post 1979, 6.0 hp motor class. It was my first race. Unfortunately I did not do well. A part of the problem was the lackluster performance of the motor, the other part of the problem was my driving. I was not spot on at the start, I was more cautious than everyone else … because I know what I’m doing and was being respectful …, and I took the corners too wide.

Oh well – I do have to remember it was my first race. I hope to do better in the future.



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