► Land of the Rising Sun: June 4, 2016


Journey: Triple L Estate – Striped Rock, Solomons Island – Island Hideaway, Solomons Island – Solomons Yachting Center, Solomons – Tiki Bar, Solomons Island – Triple L Estate
post 4080 dyad

4100 dyadpost 4112 dyad4116 coast guard






As we approached Solomons Island we saw Coast Guard leaving. I did the polite wave as we passed each other. Lori and I are both surprised we haven’t been boarded yet by Coast Guard – mostly expecting they’d want a closer look at our unique boat.

4135 dee of st marys



As we plied the back waters of Solomons I noticed the Dee of St. Mary’s docked at Solomons Sailing Association. That’s new, she usually docks at the Lore Oyster House Museum when in town.

We first stopped at Striped Rock in order to chat with Matt as he tended the outside bar.

We then headed over to Island Hideaway, our new favorite water-front restaurant. We had to make a second docking attempt due to the wind pushing us away. Although slightly 4138 grampstrs prideembarrassing, we did finally succeed. While at Island Hideaway I noticed a large go-fast boat pull into the Tiki Bar. I told Lori it looked like Jason’s (Newburg Marine) boat. After eating, Lori called Jason to see if he was on the Patuxent River. She confirmed that, yes, he was on the river at the Tiki Bar.

4152 jasonWe stopped at Solomons Yachting Center to fill up on fuel after which we headed over to the Tiki Bar to say “hi” to Jason. A large barge pushing vessel sat along one side of the Tiki’s pier, with the other side lined with boats. Lori said we should just tie up to the barge. Instead, we opted for docking along the wall.

4160 jennifer loriWe chatted briefly with Jason and learned that he had separated from his wife. That’s too bad. We didn’t ask details, as in who initiated the split. While on the pier chatting, Jennifer, (Lori’s sister’s granddaughter) walked by and stopped us. Good thing she recognized Lori because we might not have recognized her. It has been a LONG time since we’ve last seen Jennifer. A VERY long time. What a delightful surprise to run into her.

4180 barge boatsWhile at the Tiki Bar, another large barge pushing vessel arrived to tie up at the Tiki’s pier. We couldn’t believe the Tiki Bar would allow so much of their pier space to be occupied by such large vessels. But, I guess, for the Tiki Bar it increases income since I’m sure they’re charging fees based on length.


4166 drunk saying

4183 rising sun bargeWe had a tight squeeze to get out, away from the wall, when we decided to leave, thanks to a knucklehead docking along the wall TOO CLOSE to our stern. Did nearly hit them as I swung out, but luckily (skillfully) missed – barely. As we left we noticed that other boats had actually rafted up to the barge pusher due to lack of alternative pier options.

Fuel at Solomons Yachting Center
Gauge read: 57 gallons used
Filled: 53.2 gallons
Time: 3:30 – 6:30 pm
Conditions: sunny, mostly cloudy all morning, partly cloudy by mid-afternoon, quite nice by late afternoon
Passengers: Capt KandL
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’

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