► Freak Flag Fly: May 28, 2016


Journey: Triple L Estate – Club Billings, Hallowing Point – Triple L Estate

3842 defeverToday begins the Memorial Day weekend. We had been invited to Club Billings for the afternoon, which we gladly accepted. We opened up the upper helm in order to captain from the fly bridge. It still amazes how different it feels to captain from the fly bridge in comparison to the pilot house.

3845 flag boat3849 patuxent raft up3855 green boat

Kevin and Chet greeted our arrival to the Club Billings’ pier. Neither of them had yet seen our new boat. They were quite intrigued as I gave them the tour. Of course Chet had to ask, “How fast does it go?” That seems to be his priority, wanting to know if he can go faster than us. He can’t.


3868 ospreyWe had a lovely afternoon chatting the various characters at Club Billings: the Madd Family, Club Billings, Joe, Teresa, Bryan, Rodney, and Chet.

We ended up going home by early evening so we could be home before dusk. We didn’t want to have to deal with any bozos on the water in the dark.



3853 sea kelpie hollywood3896 randy boat

We noticed Randy heading up river as we headed home. I was surprised to see him moving so slowly, but we then noticed one of his hatches sat open as he passed. Hum we wondered if he blew an engine and was limping home on one engine. He seemed to be fine so we continued on down river.

3909 anchored in mill creek

Lots of boats were anchored out for the weekend in Mill Creek cove area. A very popular place to throw anchor for the day, or night, or during hurricanes.

3917 blue chip boat3916 blue chip boat name3921 damn yankee boat name





Hrs: boat had been turned on in order to let out anchor and line in order to clean anchor locker and lines
Conditions: sunny, hot; somewhat rough water; head into the waves on way home
Passengers:Capt KandL, Sophie
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’

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