► Reckless Behavior: April 29, 2016


Journey: Triple L Estate – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

post-3197-bridgeAs Lori continues to recuperate, Matt and I, and his new friend Michelle (who also happens to be Josh’s girlfriend) decided to go up to Broomes Island for the evening. When we arrived, I didn’t recognize anyone at the nearly full inside bar. Since Jeannie wasn’t bartending, we sat at a table.


post-3793-kristine-tommyTommy arrived shortly after we did and sat with us. Julie, who is spending the weekend at Myrtle Beach, called his phone which I answered. She said, “You must be at Stoney’s.” I responded, “I am wherever your husband says he is.” Good alibi.

Tommy shared the story of his recently receiving a court summons for “theft under $100.” It all started on a very cold day this past winter when he needed to go to the dump. Not knowing he had to be weighed on the way out and pay a fee, he simply left. Oh well, just adds to Tommy’s long list of reckless behavior.

post-3789-matt-michThings started to pick up with more locals arriving just as we prepared for departure. By this time Jeannie had started tending bar. As I went to say my good-byes to a few people, Diana and Lorraine asked, “Where’s Lori?” I answered, “You haven’t heard!? She’s recovering from a boob job.” “Na-uh’” they retorted in disbelief. I quickly say, “Ask Jeannie – Jeannie, what did Lori get?” She immediately pipes up, “Boob job!” then I said, “Yep, she had a boob reduction,” adding, “No, of course she didn’t get a reduction. They couldn’t get much more reduced.” Matt chimed in, “Lori will be spelling her last name with two Ds instead of one.”

We arrived home early enough to zip over to Snellman’s for one last Friday night cap.

Time: 4:40 pm – 7:25 pm
Conditions: chilly and overcast
Passengers: Matt, Michelle, Captain Kristine
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’

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