► Struttin’ Your Stuff: April 16, 2016


Journey: Triple L Estate – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

2627 rachel carson underwayIt’s my first time out, for an afternoon with the Boyz at Broomes, since Lori’s surgery. Although they initially said they’d be there by 2:00, I still delayed departure in order to allow them plenty of time to get there before me. I hoped that they would be able to assist with grabbing my tie up lines. Serendipity favored my departure – as I entered the Patuxent River I see the Rachel Carson underway, also going up river. Such a treat. It’s only the second time I’ve ever seen the Rachel Carson underway.

2620 rachel carson underway

2650 sailboatAs I carried on up-river, I felt sure that the Boyz would have made it to Broomes, but received a text they were running a bit later than expected. Not surprised. Although the inside wall was open, a nice, new looking boat sat in the nearby slip. That made me a bit nervous. If I screwed up, I didn’t want to have to deal with that new boat. Had it been Double D, I would have been less concerned, granted – I don’t want to ever damage Double D. If, however, something happened, I’d like to think Double D would be easier to deal with.

2674 edith roseBecause of the new boat’s location, I considered other slip options. The Boyz’ favorite slip would work well for me since the pilings would be on port while I stood at starboard. I considered the opposite side slip option, but didn’t care for how the wind direction would work against me. I again considered the inside wall. I worried the wind would push me around unfavorably. Upon closer inspection, it appeared as though the inside voce had minimal wind effect. I decided to give the inside wall a try. Luckily there wasn’t much wind effect and I easily circled around.

Just as I prepared to lasso the mid-ship line to a piling, Ernie arrived to assist. I’m about to ask him to catch the midship line, but he grabbed the bow line… this meant readjusting my approach and tie up. Succeeded in the tie up, looking good – and not hitting anything. To my surprise, Jeannie was working the outside bar. I expected that she would be working the Striped Rock for the entire Tiki Bar opening weekend. Matt worked as server on the inside area and the floating deck area.2696 who ray iv

The Boyz eventually showed up, with Karen. Even though they had three people on board, all experienced boat people, my assistance was still requested as they docked. Around mid-afternoon Stoney’s got slammed with people. Quite a few by land and by sea.

2675 ernie triumph2678 ernie triumph2680 ernie triumph
Ernie was out on his maiden voyage of his newly refurbished Triumph. BEAUTIFUL.

We had a nice time, of course. Whenever we were asked, “Where’s Lori?” Eric would say, “Oh, she’s recovering from a face lift and a boob job.”2684 matt erinie triumph







2709 tom karen2725 cigarette boat2743 tigger

The Boyz left before I did. As I stood at the bar waiting to pay the bill, I stood next to Jeannie talking with a couple sitting nearby. Jeannie then introduced them, saying he was my county commissioner. I started talking with them, both, and had a really good time. They pointed out their boat, which I recognized having seen many times. They mentioned that they knew the Boyz, and also Lance’s wife.

I hope to run into them again throughout the summer.

2698 kelly bike



I did finally leave and return home for the evening … returning much later than I originally thought I would.

2824 miss gratitude2668 small sail







Time: 1:55 pm – 7:10 pm
Conditions: cool, a bit windy, sunny
Passengers: Captain K
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’

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