► First Experience: April 14, 2016


Journey: Triple L Estate – Southern Acres – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

2528 dnr police boatMatt has to work Friday and Saturday at Stoney’s, Broomes Island. As this is also Tiki Bar Opening weekend we didn’t want him driving back and forth because of all the drunks that will likely be out on the road. I had called Julie to ask if it would be ok if Matt stayed in their barn apartment, which she said was fine.

2554 buzz carol fire houseMatt and I took the boat to their house so I could show him where they lived. Going past Buzz and Carol’s burned down house is so sad. This marked Matt’s first ride on this boat. Although he took direction quite well – he doesn’t yet have the technique to successfully lasso a piling in an expeditious manner. Even with the struggle, we successfully docked in the side slip usually occupied by Miss Ellen.

2589 loonI provided Matt the “tour” of his weekend accommodation including walking up the road to show him the street view – white picket fence, willow lined lane, and a nice sign for ‘Southern Acres.’

After showing him the grounds we headed back to the boat. Just as we prepared to board, Matt thought he heard someone yell from the house. I looked up the hill to see Tommy coming from the house. We returned to the house so that I could introduce Matt to Tommy. Tommy then wanted to show me his fancy camera, and photos from Italy. As soon as we entered the house I noticed their new kitchen. It looks GREAT! It looks so much bigger than before, especially with their single level island that replaced the two-tier island. Also, changing all the cabinets to a white with light granite countertops contributed to the effect. We sat and chatted about the kitchen before finally departing. Not until later did it occur to me that Tommy never did show me his camera or photos.

2574 ana marie work boatAs we left Southern Acres Matt said he’d buy me a drink if we stopped at Broomes. I, of course, didn’t mind stopping. We sat at the inside bar chatting with Jonathan. Matt then got a call from Striped Rock asking him to come in early. We got a lid for his Bloody Mary which surprised Matt that we could get our drinks to go. Yep, if we’re traveling by boat we can get it to go, but not if we had traveled by car. Obviously they’re worried about drunk driving but not drunk boating.

On the way down river I accidently half spilled my glass. I hadn’t gotten a lid since mine drink was essentially empty, and a light color. Matt and I quickly wiped up the droplets. Just as I said, “Don’t tell Lori,” Matt exclaimed, “And we shall never speak of this again.” He’s so funny.

Time: 10:40 am – 1:00 pm
Conditions: sunny! warm
Passengers: Captian K and Matt
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’

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