► I’m Still Processing This: February 20, 2016


Journey: Triple L Estate – Solomons Yachting Center – Vera’s – St. Leonard’s Creek – Triple L Estate There was a promised forecast for a nice warm day, so of course I wanted to go out on the boat. We planned on meeting Club Billings, as well as Joe and Teresa, at Vera’s around 1 p.m.. Joe and Teresa had their grandbaby, however, which meant we had to work around baby schedule, which meant they could meet us at around 2:00. Lori wanted to again top up on fuel before I departed for Lesotho and Mozambique next week. If we planned on going to Solomons Yachting Center, then I wanted to go early and spend a bit of time at Blue Fin, the small little restaurant bar located at the yachting center. 8054 work boats 8036 work boatOn our way to the island, I was surprised to actually see another boat out on the water. Upon arriving at Solomons Yacht Center we saw a work boat fueling. The young lady working the dock told us something that neither Lori nor I knew – according to the young lady, a lot of watermen actually dive for oysters throughout the winter. She then pointed out a docked boat nearby saying that warm air is pumped down so they can stay down for a really long time and not freeze. 8045 paddleboarderAfter fueling we went up to Blue Fin … or is it Blue Fish?…. for and appetizer. Being the only customers made our stay a bit dull. I rather enjoy watching, listening to, other people. While sitting there, we saw two people out on paddleboards. NEITHER of them had a life vest. This pisses me off for two reasons: 8046 paddleboard 1) you’re out on the water, in the winter no less, and you don’t have a vest, and 2) any vessel on the water requires that each person has a lifevest. Paddleboards are vessels on the water and therefore should have lifevests!

After finishing we headed up river to Vera’s. We reached Vera’s long before 2:00, so we continued cruising up St. Leonard’s Creek. As we putted along, we came to an area where a group of fish started breaking the surface, almost jumping out of the water.

I found a comfortable area in which to turn around and we headed back to Vera’s. I originally planned on pulling in, forward, on the inside end slip – but the wind made for a difficult approach. I quickly aborted that attempt and decided to back into the other side’s inside end slip. Fortunately, we successfully docked AND looked like we knew what we were doing. Lester and Marcia were arriving just as we made our way up the hill to the restaurant. Perfect timing. Joe, Teresa, and grandbaby eventually arrived and we enjoyed a lovely lunch. As we ate I mentioned to Joe that we had brought along a baby/toddler life-vest. His face lit up, happier than a kid opening gifts Christmas morning. Neither he, nor Teresa, have seen our boat and he had hoped we could go for a ride.

8087 joe teresa babyHe said – when he picked grandbaby up, he asked his daughter, the baby-mama, “Do you have a life-vest for him?” “Why?” she asked. “Well, we’re going to meet up with Lori and Kristine this weekend and they’ll be on their boat.” Pause. Joe then added, “Well, maybe I’ll just go buy him one.” Long pause. In amazement Joe asked, “REALLY!? You don’t have any reaction?” Michele answered, “I’m still processing this.”

We finished our meals, prepared for departure, made sure the vest fit grandbaby, and welcomed all aboard. It’s nice having a group of people, adults, familiar with how to board a boat. I made sure everyone had settled in, inside or on the bow, and flipped up the stern walk through for added baby safety. Lori and Joe had gone to the bow with grandbaby. I threw an adult vest up with them saying, “With baby on board I’d like you to have at least one vest up there, nearby.” As we slowly pulled out, I noticed Lori put on her sweatshirt hood. Hum, if her head is cold, grandbaby’s head must be cold, so I had them put my hat on his head…. Which he wore well.

8091 babyI felt very comforted by the safety offered by our high gunwales. Grandbaby could move around quite a bit without worry that he’d fall out. He seemed quite comfortable enough to explore. At one point, while grandparents sat in the front, he explored towards me. I ask, “Do you want to come in here?” He came into my outstretched hands, I swooped him up, tossed him over the helm and into the arms of whoever sat in the first mate chair – which at the time was Lester.

8131 lester baby8122 baby

We traveled down St. Leonard’s Creek to the Patuxent River before turning around and heading back up river, beyond Vera’s, past a small creek island that has now all but disappeared. We then dropped everyone at Vera’s and then returned home.

Fuel at 171.0/170.1 hrs $2.75/gallon
Gauge read: 23.7 gallons used
Fill: 27 gallons = $74.50


8157 moon

Time: 11:45 am – 4:40 pm
Conditions: a chilly mid-50s; clouds finally cleared and sun appeared at 4:00 pm
Passengers: Triple L – Solomons – Veras = Capt KandL; Vera’s – St. Leonard’s Creek = Lester, Marcia, Joe, Teresa, baby Henry, Capt KandL; St. Leonard’s Creek – Triple L Estate = Capt KandL
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’

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