► Reflections: January 9, 2016

Saturday 9 January 2016

Journey: Triple L Estate – D and G’s – Freshies of Hollywood (hrs: 168.6/167.7) – St. Leonards Creek – Clarkes Landing, Hollywood (169.3/168.5) – Triple L Estate

Our first ride of the New Year on a pleasant, warm, sunny January day. Before leaving the slip we noticed the RADAR not working. Dammit.

On our way out of the cove we noticed D and G outside so we swung by to say, “Hello.” As we came out of Cuckold Creek we noticed a Navy ship anchored in the Patuxent River. Excellent. Lori captained for a bit while I snapped off a few photos.

We then headed up to Freshies of Hollywood, hoping they would go out with us. Unfortunately, they didn’t want to go out to eat. I don’t know what’s wrong with them.

After chatting with the Boyz for a bit, we headed up St. Leonards Creek. As we passed Vera’s, it didn’t look open – no cars in the lot, all dark. Well, I guess we won’t be having lunch there. We continued further up river to find D and T’s house. Easy to spot once we found their boat on the lift. An obvious indicator.

As we cruised down river, the Navy ship seemed almost ‘invisible’ with its gray color blending into the non-descript day that had turned somewhat gray.

We considered going to Solomons Island for lunch but instead decided to stop at Clarkes Landing.


Time: 12:55 pm with a rather high tide – 4:15 pm
Conditions: FLAT water, almost like glass – more like an old farm house window of imperfect glass; sunny, mid-50s
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’
Passengers: Capt. KandL

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