► Incognito: October 31, 2015


Journey: Triple L Estate – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

What a night we had tonight!

Not only was tonight Halloween, but also Stoney’s, Broomes Island, closing night. Although the price of admission seemed quite pricey, we agreed to go in order to celebrate both Halloween and season closing.

We had already prepared our costumes. Several months ago Eric had asked Lori if she’d be interested, and willing, to dress up as Missy as he planned on going as Ted. GREAT IDEA! Lori was game. I decided that I would finally go as Jeannie, something I’ve been wanting to do for many years now. For weeks Barry attempted, on multiple occasions, to talk us out of it saying it was a bad idea. Too bad for him – we thought it was a great idea.

Fortunately, I found the perfect dress, and jacket, yesterday. With Karyn’s help this afternoon – more than help, she did it all – I had false eyelashes and make up applied this afternoon.

Dusk had settled upon us as we entered Island Creek. As we entered I saw two boats floating in the channel, fishing. One had its navigation lights on and therefore easily seen. The other boat, however, had no lights on making it extremely difficult to see. As we passed by him Lori told him it might be wise to turn lights on as he was almost invisible and we knew our friends would soon be coming behind us. As I looked at his boat, I wondered, and strongly suspected, he had no navigation lights on board. As we neared the pier I noticed another boat racing into Island Creek. Not until almost on top of the no lights boat did he slow down to miss hitting the knucklehead.

We arrived at Stoney’s about 6:30 pm and docked at the far pier. We had texted the Boyz to warn them about the knucklehead in the boat with no lights. They arrived shortly after us. We wanted to time it so that “Ted” and “Missy” arrived at the party together.

I went to the party ahead of the others in order to make an entrance as Jeannie. If I had gone in with Eric-Ted and Lori-Missy, as well as SuperMan Barry, people would have recognized me right away.

As I walked towards the party tent I passed by Jeannie and said “Hi”. She responded with a non-chalant, “Hi” and continued walking on by. Ok, she didn’t recognize me. I then arrived at the entrance where real Ted and Scott stood. I stopped, said “Hi” and paused. They nodded a ‘hello’ and essentially looked at me blankly, obviously not recognizing me. I then said, “Ok, I’m going to get a drink,” and headed for the bar.

Scott then did come up and ask … confirm … that I was Kristine.

2931 kristine jeannieI amazed people with my outfit. Not just that I was Jeannie, but that they didn’t recognize me. Sandy told me during the evening, “I saw you come in, and I knew you were Jeannie, but had no idea it was you! I asked Lori, ‘Where’s Kristine?’ and when she pointed at you I couldn’t believe it!” Fortunately Jeannie cracked up laughing when she realized who I was and thought my outfit was great. On a few occasions she brought people up, point at me and say, “That’s me.”

0429 eric ted lori missyReal Ted LOVED Eric-Ted and Lori-Missy. He was blown away because not only did Eric-Ted have a green e-cigarette, but had the birthmark on his lower leg, and even held the e-cigarette the way real Ted holds it. Throughout the evening whenever I looked for Lori I could never find her. I then reminded myself to look for Missy – that worked. As soon as I looked for “Missy” I found Lori. Real Ted admitted that there were times he’d catch a glimpse of Lori and think it was Missy. At some point during the night Lori made sure to take a photo to text it to Missy, currently working in Minnesota. She loved it and responded, “OMG – I have a dress just like that!” Lori responded, “It is your dress.” Earlier this week Lori had asked Missy’s sister, Lori, to get a dress for her out of Missy’s closet and bring it to cornhole. This was the one she picked.

0424 ernie0430 barry supermanted 0425








At one point was talking with a group of people and asked them how to do something. Kurt responded, “You’re Jeannie, you can do whatever you want.”

2922 jonathan kristineDebbie kept wanting to pose me … serving drinks at the bar, hair up, she even wanted me to change into a t-shirt like Jeannie might wear while working. At that point I said, “No, I’m not a doll to be dressed up.” Debbie attempted to put my hair up for the “casual Jeannie at work” look. Eric stepped in to show her how it’s done. (Leave it to the gay guy to figure out how to do the hair style.) People really liked the hair-up transition. Not until I walked with Lori to the restroom did I see my new look. With my hair up I looked more like Karen Walker from “Will and Grace.”

Maury ended up really upsetting me. He kept grabbing at my ta-tas. The first few times I told him, “Stop, that’s not a way to treat a lady.” He continued, laughing thinking it was funny. I threatened to kick him in the nuts if he did it again. That didn’t deter him. He kept laughing thinking it was funny – I, on the other hand, began to feel violated and assaulted. Excuse me – No means NO. Since he refused to respect my space, I ended up having to avoid him in order to protect myself, which put a bit of a damper on my evening. News flash – women don’t find it funny to be violated.

0427 jeannie wonder womanLater in the evening my shoes began to seriously hurt my feet. I am not used to wearing 4 inch spiked heels. I don’t know Jeannie does it. As Ted pointed out, Jeannie not only wears them but he finds it hard to keep up with her, like when they go to football games. I knew there was no way I would be able to walk back to the boat, so I asked Lori to please get my tennis shoes. What a relief, otherwise I would have gone barefoot … which is what Julie did do later in the evening as her feet were killing her, also. Throughout the evening none of us – Eric-Ted, Lori-Missy, Superman Barry or myself – sat done at all. No wonder my feet hurt.

I ate a very small bit, and drank very little since I knew I would have to captain our way home. Certainly did not get my entrance fee worth … but we went for the party, not the food or drink.

0428 lori missy scott eric tedAt the end of the night, as we prepared to leave, I took out my fake ta-tas. As I stood there, Km came up and said, “Oh, I have to grab these at least once.” With both hands she fully grabbed by breasts. “Whoa,” I said, “those are the real thing.” Ooops. I then said, “I get to do the same,” and I grabbed her tatas. She laughed and said, “Yep, those are the real thing, too.” I learned later that she was so drunk she ended up getting sick all the way home.”

We left the party a bit later than I thought we would. The party was still going on, but the dynamics, and music, had changed to a much younger crowd that we didn’t care to be around. Besides, we already had plans for tomorrow, so we happily left.

I slowly motored out of Island Creek, following another boat that had left just before us. I went slower than usual because the leading boat kept changing direction as if lost. As I didn’t want to be a part of their confusion I hung back and waited for them to figure out where they wanted to go. As I lingered, Who Ray IV blasted past us, on our port side, much closer to the red marker that I like to see. I worried about them after having seen that move. Fortunately, we all made it safely home.


Time: 6:00 pm – 11:30 pm
Conditions: although a mostly sunny day, a VERY cool day, in the mid-50s
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’

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