► Price of Fun: September 17, 2015


Journey: Triple L Estate – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

For the past week or two I haven’t seen our resident ospreys so I thought they had departed for the season. As I prepared the boat for our departure, however, I did see an osprey flying around the neighborhood. That made me feel a bit better, maybe winter isn’t as close as I feared. As we left our cove I noticed Cat Call again anchored near the entrance. Mental note to look for that on the way home.

4907 tommy boatWe knew tonight would be a late night since the Corn Ho’s were slotted to play the last round. As we headed up river I noticed what looked like Tommy and Julie’s Scout coming down river. It was Tommy, alone, heading to Solomons to meet Reel Joy and Julie for dinner. Drat, I had hoped to see Julie tonight. He swung around to say “hi” before we both continued in opposite directions.

4919 reel joyAs we approached Broomes Island I saw a boat coming in from up river. I, at first, thought it might be Ron so I gunned it in order to beat him to the inside wall. As we got closer I realized it was Reel Joy entering Island Creek. I caught up with them and told them if they planned on picking up Tommy he was already on his way to Solomons. They asked how far he might be and we said he was probably at Solomons by now. They rolled their eyes, turned around, and headed down river.

a play cornholeThe Boyz were in Hollywood, early, for the weekend. Knowing we would be at Broomes for cornhole, they came over for the evening. As I saw them enter Island Creek, I ran over to help them tie up. Barry asked, “What, do you doubt our docking ability?” “Not at all,” I answer, “I just know it’s always nice to have assistance.” Eric was actually quite glad for the help as he wasn’t feeling all that great.

After diner, Tommy stopped by Stoney’s on his way home. I’m glad to have had a chance to talk with him as I wanted to find out how Julie was doing. I haven’t seen her since the accident and I’m a bit concerned.

kristine aWhile sitting at the bar, I noticed a fellow who looked oddly familiar, but I just could not place him. He looked like he could be Gene Wilder’s brother. He recognized me and introduced himself – Paul’s friend, Buddy. Oh, right, I remembered him but it has been YEARS since we last saw him. Even then, we only saw him briefly a few times so I’m surprised he remembered me. He introduced me to a friend that was visiting from Roanoke, Stewart. Stewart has a large vessel on Smith Mountain Lake named “Blind Date.” They were both intrigued with our boat so I gave them a tour.

Later in the evening I learned I had even more in common with Stewart. We sat in the chairs near our boat chatting. Once cornhole ended Lori, Scott, and Ted joined us. Sitting there talking made for an even later night than originally planned. Aaaahhhhh, the price of having fun.

Engine Hrs: 144.8/ 144.0 – 145.7/ 144.9
Time: 4:50 pm – 9:55 pm
Conditions: low to mid ‘80’s but if felt much warmer; chilly coming home; rough going up river, but had following seas
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’, Beneteau Barracuda 9

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