► Oh Baby: September 13, 2015


Journey: Triple L Estate – Emerald Cove, Battle Creek – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

We had a morning of intermittent showers that just barely skirted Hollywood. I had plans to meet Marty and Debbie in Battle Creek. When I called in the morning, as sheets of rain fell on Hollywood, they had a clear blue sky. As noon approached most of the rain had passed – thank you weather radar – so I decided to prepare for departure. I figured, since we didn’t have any lightning it would be fine. As I lowered the boat I saw a solid gray sky to the south – which I would have to travel to round Half Pone Point – and large patches of blue sky and fluffy clouds to the north, my destination.

4872 navy boatI first actually headed down the Patuxent River, into the gray, in the hopes of seeing the anchored Navy vessel we had seen Thursday when we crossed over the bridge. As I approached the bridge I saw a large vessel anchored across from Point Patience. At first I thought it might be the Navy 4860 rv savannahvessel, but instead I saw it read R/V SAVANNAH. I later learned that the R/V Savanna is a research vessel affiliated with the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography out of Savanna, Georgia.

I traveled as far as the bridge, just to make sure the Navy vessel had left. It had, which did not surprise me. I then turned around to head up-river to Battle Creek. As I turned I noted how nice and flat it seemed, thinking how I would have a nice ride. Those thoughts were quickly dashed as I approached marker ‘13’. By the time I reached marker ‘15’ it had become quite rough, becoming even rougher as I passed Broomes Island maker ‘16’. I almost considered asking Debbie and Marty to pick me up at Stoney’s, in order to save me from having to travel up to Battle Creek. Not knowing if that would be an inconvenience, I carried onwards.

I had never been to their Emerald Cove community pier. The only instructions I had received, “You know where we beach up. It’s about ½ a mile from there on the left. NO Right. On the right. You’ll find it.” With that I ‘map’ to follow I found what I hoped was correct. The end showed a sign for “Emerald Cove – Private Pier.” Not wanting to take up someone’s slip, I tied up at the very end, needing to avoid the falling dilapidated portion.

hannah kristineOnce secure I disembarked and walked towards the road thinking I would walk to Debbie and Marty’s house. Near the road stood two large signs displaying warnings to trespassers and rules for members. As I was, technically, trespassing I thought I might as go all the way and decided to pop open a beer. There – trespassing AND open container. I consulted the googler maps which informed me I had a 9 minute walk. Forget that, I had too much weight to haul to consider a long walk. Instead I waited along the road side to be picked up. The three of us then headed over to B and B’s for C’s 1st birthday. I’m glad I went. The entire family was there including family friends. I was so very happy to meet H and J’s daughter, H, and J and J’s son, C, both of who were only 2 months old.

Debbie and Marty returned me to my boat around 5:30 pm. I though the following seas might offer an easier, more gentle ride home. I wrong and so very wrong. With the large swells and deep troughs the boat would bang against the crests and waves if I went too fast. I gingerly picked my way down river. I had decided to stop at Broomes for a rest.

4882 deborah dAlong the way I noticed that the Boyz’ boat was not at their house so I figured they were probably still at Broomes. As I entered Island Creek, and approached Stoney’s I saw their boat sitting in their favorite slip. Fortunately, the inside wall, my favorite spot, was available. As I floated just off-shore, preparing my lines, the phone rang. It was Barry saying he would come down to help me tie-up. Very nice of him. With little effort we were tied up, secure, and mostly protected from the wind and seas.

I had a great time. Jeannie wasn’t horribly busy so she could occasionally chat. A birthday party occupied the lower deck. Fairly late in the evening the birthday party pulled out two guitars –played by an adult man and his 12-year old nephew. They started playing and they were FANTASTIC!! As Jeannie prepared closing the upper bar, the few of us remaining, including Ted and Scott, stood at the rail to listen to them play.

At one point, as they wondered what to play next, I said “Let the 12-year old birthday boy decide.” They quickly corrected me saying it’s not his birthday but instead his grandmother’s birthday. “Oh, apologies. Happy Birthday.” An older gentleman quickly shouted, “And she’s NOT 12 either.” Funny. We were actually disappointed when they packed up to leave. I found out they were from Tyson’s Corner. Wow. Talk about a radical difference between the reality for them to get home vs me getting home.

By this time the sun had long ago set. I realized it didn’t matter when I left as dark was dark. Even more dark as we had no moon lighting the sky. The extra darkness allowed for a great deal of the Milky Way to shine overhead. Nice.

Just before 9 pm Lori and Kristen finally arrived from having worked all day at Stoney’s Fed Ex Field/ MGM Club. We stayed and talked with Jeannie with Lori and Kristin sharing stories of their day. By this time only Ted, Scott, Pal, Timmy, and a very VERY inebriated Michelle remained at the bar, as well as Lori, Kristen, and Jeannie.

Around 9:15 pm, or so, we decided to head towards home, me by sea, her by land. I went rather slow on my way home. Fortunately it had calmed down quite a bit so my ride was far less rough. I made it home by 9:40, just barely making it home before Lori … which shows just how slow I had gone.

Throughout the day I made sure to always wear a life vest with the kill switch attached, since I was alone. Good, safe, and smart practice

Engine Hrs: 142.9/142.1 – 144.8/144.0
Time: 12:20 pm – 9:40 pm
Conditions: VERY ROUGH water, light rain all morning in Hollywood and on downriver
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’, Beneteau Barracuda 9

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