► Active Captain: September 6, 2015


Journey: Triple L Estate – Solomons Yachting Center, Solomons – Mill Creek, St. Mary’s County – Triple L Estate

4623 tiki boatEarlier this week Landon had called to ask if they could come over to spend the day with us. Of course!! Originally we thought about going far up river, to find jellyfish free water, drop anchor, and swim off the boat. We planned on taking the grill so we could have a cookout picnic on the boat. 4634 vesselsThen Lori remembered how seasick Bobby gets, so those plans flew out the window.

Instead, when they arrived, we decided to zip over to Solomons Island in order fill up on fuel. Landon sat at the upper helm with me while Lori, Bobby and Jordan sat below. We asked everyone to wait for us on the pier while we fueled. A question I heard, “What re we suppose to do while on the pier?” I don’t know – LOOK AT OTHER 4648 tugBOATS perhaps.

4653 acappella4658 acappellaOn the way home I detoured into Mill Creek cove area to check out various anchored boats. I noticed a boat that had an Active Captain sticker near the pilot house. Interesting. I of course checked its name and hailing port – aCappella, Castine, Maine. That name sounded very familiar. I later confirmed my suspicions, they started, and essentially run, Active Captain.

4661 saiboat garageWe also saw a very unique sailboat. Not only did the transom flip down to become a swim platform, but tucked up underneath was a small, twin jet engine, boat. Wow. The sailboat didn’t look big enough to have such a large secret garage to hold a boat of this size. Impressive.

4664 wicked witchNot surprising, even that little bit of nosing around made Bobby sick so we made our way back home fairly quickly. A knucklehead sailboater, Wicked Witch, had anchored inside the Cuckold Creek channel at marker ‘4’. What a bone head spot where there is so much traffic in a limited area going left or right, or forward if running into Clarkes Landing. Seriously? That’s what you consider a good place to anchor?

We spent the remainder of the day swimming at Sam and Kathy’s pool.

Engine Hrs: 138.1/137.3 – 139.1/138.3
Time: 1:30 pm
Conditions: comfortably warm and sunny
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’, Beneteau Barracuda 9

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