► First Meetings: September 5, 2015


Journey: Triple L Estate – Chris and Lorrie’s, Hollywood – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Chris and Lorrie’s, Hollywood – Miss Summer Dee – Triple L Estate

4597 sabreToday there was a cornhole tournament which Dori and Lori, aka The Corn Hos, had signed up for, as well as Danny and Marty and many other cornhole league teams. Last Wednesday I had played cornhole. After seeing me play at Wednesday’s 4614 dnr policerandom draw, Ron begged me to be his partner for the tournament. I reluctantly agreed, but asked him to please find someone else to be his partner.

Earlier this week I had contacted Chris to see if he and his wife planned on going to Broomes. If so, I offered to pick them up at their house. This morning I arranged for Chris to be Ron’s partner. YEA! I had my freedom returned.

I captained from the upper helm on our way. At Chris and Lorrie’s I met Lorrie for the first time. Chris joined me at the upper helm while the Lor(r)i(e)’s sat in the bow seat. We arrived early so that Lori could throw some practice bags. When Ron arrived I introduced him to Chris. Nice if the partners actually somewhat knew each other.

4607 bay dawgThe neighbors arrived in Bay Dawg. RC and Rick planned on playing as a team in the tournament. Unfortunately, both Lori and Doris had an off day which meant they were quickly eliminated. I doubt the neighbors did much better. Surprisingly, and happily, Ted and Scott came in second against a field of Hughesville winners. This included a relative of Missy’s who is ranked 4575 roof umbrellasvery high in the US for cornhole.

We had a fairly breezy day. So breezy, in fact, that the wind lifted umbrellas up and flung them onto the rooftop of the adjacent building. This happened on more than one occasion, often with at least two umbrellas going at a time.

Late in the afternoon we decided to head towards home. After dropping Chris and Lorrie anthony kristineoff at their house we passed by Miss Summer Dee’s home. We noticed that they had their kids and grandkids visiting. They invited us to come up to the house for a drink. We tied up and walked up to the house. It’s the first time I had ever been actually on their land NOT to mention their home. We enjoyed chatting for a short time before finally returning home.


Engine Hrs: 136.8/136.0 – 138.1/137.3
Time: 11:05 am – 7:10 pm
Conditions: warm, breezey
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’, Beneteau Barracuda 9

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