► Social River Runs: August 29, 2015


Journey: Triple L Estate – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Miss Summer Dee, Hollywood – Triple L Estate – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Southern Acres, Island Creek, Broomes Island – Sea Breeze – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

4087 eagleLori went to a baby shower for Susie this afternoon. Fortunately, she didn’t force me to go along, YEAAA! According to Lori I would have been nauseated by all the pink. Hey people – a girl can wear more colors than pink. Oh well, luckily I don’t have to live with it.

Being alone I thought I could either 1) stay home, be slightly bored, and watch TV, or 2) go somewhere on the boat, catch up on the captain’s chronicle, and have a drink. I decided to go to Broomes Island. I hoped that it would be a calm afternoon at the bar so I might have a change to chit-chat with Jeannie.

I took Sophie along with me. I knew she’d be home alone this evening so I didn’t want her to be alone all day, too. I arrived to a fairly busy Broomes. I noticed Attitude Adjustment pulled into a slip so obviously they’re back from their trip to Italy.

4089 coast guard auxI don’t have a lot of experience single-handing this boat (essentially none), and even less single-hand experience with docking this boat alone. I decided that if the tie up became too difficult I would simply abort the notion of stopping at Broomes and instead I could just float out in the river, write the captains chronicle, and watch the world pass by. Luckily, the inside was open so I decided to give it a whirl. I noticed Coast Guard Auxiliary
preparing to leave just as I arrived. I thought about calling out and asking them to come over and grab a line. Then I thought, that might not be good to invite Coast Guard into questioning my ability to operate a vessel.

4111 yellow boatAs I swung around someone yelled my name as they headed down towards me. It ended up being Chris who plays Clarkes Landing Cornhole with RC and V, and Bay Dawg. He offered to give me a hand so I threw him my bow line which was the closed to him. He first tried to hold onto the line by himself which he struggled with keeping it held. I quickly yelled out, “No, no, wrap it around the piling! Give
me about 5 feet of line.” Once he did that he was fine. I brought the stern in close, threw him a line, and bing-bank-boom I was docked. (Unfortunately I didn’t double check the stern line. Only during departure preparations did I realize he had only wrapped the line around a piling but did not do any kind of holding tie. Good thing I had the bow secured and a spring line at mid-ship.)

I took a few minutes to secure the cabin and get my things together. When I walked up to the bar Attitude Adjustment had a few words to say about my slow appearance. I chatted with them for a while but as chairs became available in the more shaded side of the boar I moved.

4130 tunnel vision boatThroughout the afternoon Jeannie had snippets of time when we could talk. In between I worked a small bit on the captain’s log book. Throughout this time Sophie got LOTS of loving. I had intended to truly have only one drink but Attitude Adjustment ordered me a second. Their view was – you can’t come here and have only one. They insisted that Jeannie give me a Route 4, from Calvert Brewing, to “try”. Obviously, what they don’t understand is that I have tried all of the IPAs currently available at Stoney’s – they didn’t introduce me to something new. Oh well – it was a very nice gesture which I did appreciate.

I headed out before 430 in order to get home before Lori. Just as I started down the river I received a message from the Boyz that they were just leaving their dock for Broomes. Oh well, they missed me. Oh well, they missed me. I stopped at the home of Miss Summer Dee in order to drop off some information for them before finally heading home.

When Lori returned home she definitely wanted to go out right away. We headed back up to Broomes. We had already arranged to pick Ted and Scott up at around 7 to go to Sea Breeze in order to see the Sam Grow Band. We arrived at Broomes with spare time to sit and talk with the Boyz. We could not convince them to join us at Sea Breeze. I asked Julie if she and Tommy wanted to go along. She said no because she had already had quite a bit to drink and going there would be dangerous. Shortly after this conversation we heard Tommy say he wanted to go along with us. Knowing this – AND realizing the event included a fund-raiser for Special Olympics – convinced Julie to ride along.

4133 young heronsWhile sitting there we noticed what appeared to be two young herons land on a boat’s windshield. Something eventually spooked them and they then flew over to our boat and landed on the aft deck. We were NOT going to have that … we didn’t want bird shat all over our boat. I quickly husseled to the boat to scare them away. I worried that on their take off they would dump a load, which is what herons usually do. Fortunately, they left without leaving a package behind for us to clean.

4152 lori tedWe didn’t leave right away as Tommy found out that the Sam Grow Band would not perform until 9 pm. With that news we mingled longer at Broomes. I did, however, want to be tied up at Sea Breeze before sunset. Tommy had gone home to take care of some dogs. At about 7:30 Ted, Scott, Julie, Lori and I loaded up and headed to Southern Acres to pick up Tommy before heading across the river to Sea Breeze.

Although we expected a lot of boats, we didn’t expect both piers to be full! As we approached the shorter pier, hoping to find a slip close to shore open, a fellow on a boat at the end of the pier said we could raft up to his boat… only to find out it wasn’t actually his boat. The owner, however, did agree to us rafting up, so we did. Just as we finished our tie up we saw Steve approaching on the bow of Ron’s Hydro-Sport. With permission of our raft up anchor boat on our port, we had Ron raft up to our starboard side. We actually made an impressive looking raft-up.

Sea Breeze was PACKED! More people than I’ve ever seen there before at any one time. More than any of us had ever seen at Sea Breeze. As we made our way through the crowd we ran into Tony and Suzanne, a bonus surprise. We also saw Reel Joy there as well as the Boyz’ neighbor, Karyn. She looked to be having quite a good time. Actually, everyone looked to be having quite a good time.

It wasn’t long before our group separated to different areas. Squeezing our way here and there. Occasionally our group would find each other before again dispersing. During one meet up Tommy informed me that Sam Grow wouldn’t begin playing until 10:00. Although the first band sounded good – we had come to see the Sam Grow Band! Well, actually, Lori and I didn’t come to see the band, we came to see Gene who plays with the band. When Tommy then showed us a text saying Sam Grow might not come on until 11:00, I said, “That’s BULL SHIT!” I was NOT amused. Fortunately, the Sam Grow Band did start their set shortly after 10:00.

Throughout the evening I thought the bands, and Sea Breeze, did a terrible job announcing that this was a fund-raiser for Special Olympics. Most people didn’t know, they had simply come to see the Sam Grow Band.

Ted and Scott ended up playing some corn hole, but didn’t win.

Although Lori and I would have stayed until Sam Grow stopped playing, we needed to think about getting home at a somewhat decent time as we had plans to go to Taylor’s Island the following morning. As we threaded our way through throngs of people we announced to anyone in our group that we’d leave around 11:00.

In order to depart we had to find Ron. I didn’t want to deal with having to jockey boats around using only lines which would have been an arduous task. Luckily we found Ron and Steve. As they began to stagger over boats Lori asked, “What happened to the woman that came with you?” They both looked at her funny, wondering what she was taking about, they didn’t have anyone with them. Then, all of a sudden, a flash of lucidity reminded them that yes, indeed, they did have other people with them. Thank goodness Lori remembered otherwise the woman, and another fellow we forgot about, would have been left behind. Scary to know they were out on the water, in the dark, with such fuzzy brains.

We thanked the original anchor boat for allowing us to raft up and then carefully detached ourselves. I headed towards Broomes Island, with the intention of dropping Tommy and Julie at Southern Acres. As we neared the island Julie offered that they get off at Stoney’s with Ted and Scott and they could just ride home on Ted’s golf cart. EXCELLENT… much easier to pull into Stoney’s than it is to pull up to their pier.

Once everyone had been safely returned to Broomes Island Lori and I headed home. We had a much smoother ride home than earlier in the day. We had a very bright ¾ full moon that lit up the river beautifully.

4155 scott sunset

Engine Hrs: 133.1/132.2 – 134.1/133.3; 134.1/133.3 – 135.8 – 135.0
Time: 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm; 5:05 pm – 11:45 pm
Conditions: hot in the sun, need for shade to stay only warm
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’, Beneteau Barracuda 9

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