► Party On: August 22, 2015


Journey: Triple L Estate – Sea Breeze, Mechanicsville – Club Billings, Hallowing Point – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Miss Summer Dee, Hollywood – Triple L Estate – Miss Summer Dee – Tiki Bar, Solomons Island – Miss Summer Dee – Triple L Estate

It has been too long since we’ve seen Lester and Marcia. We used to go to their house at least once or twice a month, but now we haven’t been there all summer. On the way up river we stopped to pick up lunch at Sea Breeze. While docking a fellow stood at the pier offering assistance. Lori, informing me, said, “I’m going to throw the bow line to this gentleman.” The guy immediately responded, “Hey, there’s no reason to be cussing and calling me names.” Cute.

3397 loriI stayed on the boat with Sophie while Lori ran up to order our food. While waiting I noticed two men purposefully walking down the pier towards our boat. It ended up they just wanted a closer look as they had never seen a boat like this before. While chatting, one of them asked about hauling out and servicing the motors. He then explained that he worked at Washburn Marina. Hum, not just curious but also drumming up business.

As soon as we got out food we headed out to the middle of the Patuxent River to float while we enjoyed our lunch. Once we had our fill we continued on up river to Club Billings. Approaching the pier I commented to Lori, “Their pier was so much easier to find when they had all those 5-gallon buckets covering the pilings.” She agreed.

3411 benedict bridge

Around 4:30, or so, we headed back down river. Along the way we decided to stop at Broomes for just one. They were hoppin’ for a late Saturday afternoon. I’m glad we stopped because Harold showed up, alone, and sat with us. He told us that he and Betty had been entertaining company all week. The guests had just left so he came up to Stoney’s to relax and see what was happening. Most likely – celebrating his freedom.

3440 party bowWe needed to leave fairly early in order to get Mako before sunset. As we approached our cove we saw ‘Bay Dawg’ full of people, including RC and V. Both V and Stef looked quite toasted. The remaining crew didn’t appear in much better condition. They were all in party mode! They were headed to the Tiki Bar in Solomons and asked us to join. We said we’d meet them for dinner.

We saw Greg and Dee on their pier so we swung by to say ‘hi’. Greg commented on how the party boat had just left their pier. Lori asked if they’d want to go to Solomons with us. To my surprise they said yes. Since we had to first go home to bring Mako to our house for the evening, they had some time to get ready.

When we picked them up, Greg opted to ride at the upper helm with me. We arrived at the Tiki Bar, found a spot to dock, and clambered ashore. It was no surprise to see the Tiki Bar hoppin’ with people. We learned that the Solomons Volunteer Fire Department was holding a fundraiser. They brought out a cooked pig, decorated and then ‘carved’. For a mere %5 you could help yourself to port sandwiches, beans, cole slaw, and some other side-like items. Score – we enjoy supporting a good organization, with Volunteer Fire Departments among the top of our list.

Since Lori had become occupied on the pier talking with some guy about our boat, I took a plate of food out to her. Before I could return to the Tiki Bar I saw Dee come down the pier and board our boat, followed by Greg. Oh, I guess they wanted to go. I ran back to the Tiki Bar to let the party group know of our pending departure. I had actually expected to stay later, but oh well.

On the way home Dee sat at the upper helm with me. It had chilled somewhat throughout the evening and she wore only a thin tank top. I offered up a life vest stating that at least it would block the wind and maybe keep her a bit warmer. I’m glad she did were the vest since she weighs about as much as a feather one big wave might have caused her to pop right out of her seat.

We returned Greg and Dee to their pier before finally returning home for the night.

sunset solomons2

Engine Hrs: 123.8/ 123.0 – 126.7/125.9 Time: 1:10 pm – 9:05 pm
Conditions: gorgeous day, not too hot, not too cold; All of the captaining today was done from the upper helm which shows it was a lovely day; wind from northeast
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’, Beneteau Barracuda 9

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