► Band Stand: July 24, 2015


Journey: Triple L Estate – Drum Point – Triple L Estate – Broomes Island – Reel Joy, Battle Creek – Triple L Estate

2055 boat draftingI took a ride out this morning as far as Drum Point hoping to see the dolphins which people have been reporting having seen for the week or so. Unfortunately, I did not find any dolphins. Drat.

In the afternoon we got a call from Julie asking if we’d be interested in going to a Hospice fund-raiser ‘concert’ on Battle Creek. Short notice, but 2050 barge dockwe had nothing planned so we agreed. We learned that their friends had been at Rod and Reel’s (North Beach) last night for a performance by an Eagles cover band. After the show, Jerry went up to ask if they’d be interested in playing at his house. Since the band had no gig for Friday night, they agreed.

We had no idea what to expect, and received sketchy directions on how to find their house on Battle Creek. On our way up-river we stopped at Broomes Island in order to say ‘hi’ to the Boyz. We then headed up river towards Battle Creek. 1992 people bow overloadAs we approached marker ‘18’ we noticed a boat zipping across the river from St. Mary’s county. As it came near to us we saw that it was Pat and Mary’s boat. Perfect timing – we followed them into Battle Creek and up to Reel Joy’s pier. I don’t think we would have easily found the place on our own as it was tucked a bit into a cove.

2008 sunsetAlong the way we passed the 1000 mile mark on our gauge. Cool.

We tied up at the end of the pier, the only available spot, and had Pat raft up to us. Pat had with him Tommy, Julie, Kelly and Guy … which explains why we saw him coming over from the St. Mary’s side of the river.

We had a really nice time. Considering this was all thrown together late last night, with people only being called today, they had a decent crowd of people. We had never been to the home of Reel Joy. They have a GREAT set up for concerts. The band was exceptionally good so we stayed quite late.

At one point during the evening, the rather tall Tommy said, “I smell pot.” A few minutes later a couple of women came stumbling up saying, “We smell pot.” Tommy pointed in the direction he thought the smell originated and the ladies scurried off searching in that new direction.

I started to feel quite tired so I went down to the boat to rest. I’m glad I did. A small boat, docked in a side slip, contained a group of what appeared to be very inebriated people. Although our boat didn’t block their exit, it did slightly overlap into their route. As they tried to leave I stood on the bow to assist with ensuring they did not hit my boat. Seeing me on the bow also made the drunkards a bit more attentive. It worried me to see people boating in such a state, especially in the dark. Best of luck to them.

Lori finally came down from the party, along with Pat’s party of people. We loaded everyone onto their boat so that he could cast off. As soon as he was free of the raft up, we, too, cast off. As I slowly turned to get my bearings I see Pat FLY down Battle Creek, zig-zagging around the markers, and out into the river at what seemed like full throttle. Holy crap. I was soooo worried about my friends. (I later learned from Julie she was petrified and so very thankful when the made it safely home.)

We, unlike the others, went very slowly down Battle Creek, very attentive to our navigational devises as well as keeping an eye out for the markers showing the zig-zag course towards the Patuxent. Once on the Patuxent we did go a bit faster, but never faster than we could safely see … and stop.

(The next time I saw Pat he asked if I was disappointed in him from his actions on this night. I told him, quite honestly, the only thing that truly disappointed me was how outrageously fast he had gone when leaving. He claimed it’s because he “knows that route so well.” I explained that it doesn’t matter how well you know a route, you never know when that route will all of a sudden have something in the water, such as an unlit boat, which could be hit. He accepted what I said and apologized. I hope that means he will be much safer in the future.)

Engine Hrs: 111. – 112.7; 112.7 – 114.5
Time: (I) 11:45 am – 12:35 pm (II) 6:45 pm – 12:50 am
Conditions: beautiful weather – not too hot, not too cold
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’, Beneteau Barracuda 9

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