► This is a Yacht: June 28, 2015


Broomes Island Boat Docking

Journey: Triple L Estate – the Boyz’ house (pick-up Collin, Julie, Mike, and Eric) – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – the Boyz’ house (upper helm – Rick and Eddie) – Triple L Estate (pick up G and J) – Solomons Yachting Center – Hidden Harbor at Calvert Marina (closed) – Island Hideaway, Solomons – Triple L Estate

7575 gurlz fullToday was the annual Boat Docking Contest at Stoney’s Broomes Island. We had invited RC and V to join us as they have never been to a boat docking before. Early in the morning I received a text from Barry asking if we could come by their house to pick up some of the people coming for the contest. I said fine, but asked if they’d be ready to leave since we didn’t plan on waiting. (We’ve played that game before.)

Just as we approached their pier I received another text saying that the guys are running late and Barry will instead make two trips. Since we were almost there we decided to dock. We soon realized that Barry was beside himself trying to herd a bunch of what consisted of uncontrolled cats. Lori went on shore to whip people into action. Finally, Collin and Julie agreed to ride with us, and Lori returned to say Eric would also be joining us. Small world – V already knew Julie.2488 mike eric

When Eric arrived at the pier he said, no, he would go with Barry. There stood two guys on the pier, one of which I had just met also named Eric. I said to them, “Are you two ready to go?” They said yes, so I told them to get on board, and they did. I then met the second fellow, Mike. They know Eric and Barry from Alexandria dock, where they keep their Sea Ray next to Eric and Barry’s Alexandria slip. I was impressed that without knowing us they hopped on board. Cool. With them on board we took off for Broomes Island.

boat docking contestants

2737 bob jamesSeveral boats already sat at Broomes, many of the contestants as well as some spectator boats. We immediately noticed ‘Miss Ellen’ parked at the end T-junction. I was happy to see Julie’s dad and aunt had come out to enjoy the day. During the festivities both Lori and I, individually, went on board to say ‘hi’. To my surprise, Bob, Julie’s dad, actually remembered my name. Cool.

2688 boysNot knowing which slip had been assigned to us I planned on slowing checking the area where we usually dock. Fortunately, Mr. Ted stood on the pier and pointed out our slip at the end of the T-junction. Docking was sooooo easy because we had experienced boaters at each of our four tie-up points. Usually it’s only Lori working all four lines with a bit of assistance from me. The boyz’ were assigned their usual, and favorite, slip. Due to the number of boats clustered around Barry had a tight squeeze having to back 2689 edie ronaldup through the maze and into his slip. Once at the bar Ted came up to announce to Jeannie, “Well, I made sure the two most important boats found their slips.” Sooooo sweet.

We, of course, had a lovely time at the docking contest. I’m glad we took RC and V as they had never been to a docking contest. I think they had a lot of fun. I made sure to take RC for a taster on Double D. Later in the afternoon I stopped by Katie’s boat to say hi to her and Jeff. Jeff made me take a shot of tequila… which I refused to do unless he joined me. It seems as though the entire day flew by in a whirl-wind of activity. (Hummmm, I wonder why.) Actually, I drank very little, almost not at all other than my usual unsweet iced tea. However, the sun zapped my energy.2711 jeff clone stamp

The Chesapeake Cowboys had a few people serving as camera crew. They are trying to develop a blurb to present to the Discovery Channel in the hopes of creating a new reality show. I would be interested in seeing what kind of footage they collected.2781 jeannie camera crew

1111 kristine natty boh2750 lori veneice ronald2771 eric dex lori2794 eddie veneice2791 kristine julie2744 heather nicole2701 next generationDuring the day, Lori took Rick and Eddie to the boat and opened up the upper helm. People kept telling me, “Oh, look, Lori’s going to take the boat out.” I knew, 1) there is no way Lori feels comfortable enough to take the boat out, and 2) you can’t turn the boat on from the upper helm. When we were ready to leave, Rick and Eddie went with us to be dropped off at the Boyz’ house. I captained from the upper helm, since it was already uncovered, with Rick and Eddie at my side. When they disembarked I had RC come join me at the upper helm.

1142 j and gOn our way home I told him to text the kids so they would see us coming in to dock. I knew they, especially J, would be excited to see us on the upper helm. I told RC when I captained from up here it felt more like a yacht. He said, “That’s because this is a yacht.” When we pulled into the slip we called up to the kids to get their life vests. I’ve never seen two kids scramble so fast to get their vests and run down to our boat. We also decided to bring Sophie along.

As soon as the kids boarded they immediately scrambled up the ladder to join me at the upper helm. We thought the kids’ cousin, and babysitter for the day may join us. However, when she came to the boat with another little guy, who already had his life vest on, he threw a fit and did not want to get on the boat. He considered, briefly, when I said, “Look, G and J are already on the boat.” But, alas, he wasn’t getting on board without a tantrum so they stayed behind.

Since we needed fuel we decided to take a ride over to Solomons Island. I had the kids disembark for fueling, just to be on the safe side. As we fueled I mentioned that I was hungry and asked if anyone else was interested in going someplace to eat. RC was VERY supportive of that idea. When we finished fueling we decided to try Hidden Harbour, at Calvert Marina where we had eaten breakfast a few weeks ago.

We had completely disembarked, including Sophie, only to find out Hidden Harbour would be closing in a matter of minutes. So, we got everyone back on board and decided to give Island Hideaway a try. We had a difficult time getting Sophie off the boat since 1) we had to disembark on the port side which doesn’t have a walk-through, 2) lines went here and there which posed a bit of an obstacle, and 3) we had to step out onto a thin finger pier which offered only a small bit of room to walk … Sophie didn’t like that.

1159 island hideawayWe had to sit at two tables, separated slightly due to the umbrellas. As I was about to sit down, J pointed to the chair between him and G and said, “You can sit here if you want.” I asked, “Do you want me to sit next to you.” He said, yes, so I did. Toooooo cute.

As we prepared to depart, I planned on captaining from the lower, pilot house, helm. Lori went to the upper helm with the kids for the ride. The kids were smiling ear to ear. With all the clouds, the sky lit up BEAUTIFULLY for sunset. We essentially drifted out in front of The Pier in order to watch the sunset.

2845 sunset bridge

Engine Hrs: 106.1 – 108.5 Time: 11:05 am – 840 pm
Conditions: cloudy but warm, great sunset
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’


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