► Captaining a Yacht: June 24, 2015


Journey: Triple L Estate, Hollywood – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – the Boyz’ house – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Triple L Estate, Hollywood

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Upper Helm view going up river on Patuxent River, MD to Broomes Island

Upper Helm view going up river on Patuxent River, MD to Broomes Island

Because of how gorgeous it was, we decided to take off the top cover and use the upper helm. As we were leaving Jacob came out onto the front porch to watch us leave. As he waved good-bye, I could see his little heart breaking because he wanted to be on the boat with us, especially on the upper helm. Although we cruised along at around 46 RMP, it still felt slow. So surprising the different feel at each of the two helms. As we pulled into dock at Stoney’s I stayed at the upper helm. I could actually see my bow and back two corners much better. Also, standing high up on the helm made it feel more like I was on a yacht rather than a modest fishing boat.

Earlier this week Barry had told Debbie he and Eric had stained glass windows they could use in decorating for the wedding that is being hosted at Debbie and Marty’s house. He had told Debbie he would pick her up on the boat so she didn’t have to drive over to Hollywood (a five minute boat ride vs fifty minutes by car). On Monday, or Tuesday, I received a text from Debbie asking if I would take her over to their house during cornhole. I agreed.

1035 debbie melanie trevonI originally thought she’d want to wait until after Mary and Danny played their first game – but no, she wanted to go as soon as her sister and her sister’s daughter, the bride to be, arrived. They showed up shortly after 6 pm and we took off across the river. I stayed at the lower helm as I didn’t know if I would have to run the lines alone when I docked at the Boyz’.

Upon arrival I asked Debbie, the experienced boater, to put the bow line at mid-ship as we would dock port side. Debbie’s response, “Listen to her. Now that she’s a captain she’s using all these nautical terms. Which side is port?!” Ok, now I realized the type of crew I had on board. As we tied up, it at first didn’t look pretty. Debbie kept saying, “I don’t think this is working,” as the bow drifted far from the pier due to the wind. I told her we didn’t have a choice, we had to tie up like this to keep our stern from hitting the Boyz’ boat on the lift. I eventually adjusted all the lines until the boat sat fine enough for the short time we would be there.

1029 say no to potWe took the long walk up to the shed. Fortunately, Debbie located the windows hiding behind a large piece of granite. We then loaded up the golf cart (thanks to Eric texting to say use it) and I drove back down the hill towards the boat. As we passed the house, Debbie said she wanted a beer so I stopped, unlocked the house, and brought out a beer for her and her sister. Once I made sure everyone, and all the windows, had safely boarded the boat I took the golf cart back up to the house (as per Eric’s instructions).

Upon our return, my favorite inside wall slip had been taken. Drat. I pulled in forward at the restaurant pier, the next easiest option. Considering the crew I had, I didn’t want to hassle with a 4-point tie up. We safely unloaded windows and people, and they took off quickly.

2318 cornhole

At cornhole, Lori and Doris won all three of their games. Anthony has started to play cornhole, as a substitute, with his uncle Mark. We were talking about how Anthony should be allowed to move forward to throw. According to Ted, the rules say youth can throw from 24 feet rather than 27 feet. Lori told Danny, “Danny, you should be allowed to

baby birds in nest

baby birds in nest

step up, too, ‘cause you and Anthony are the same height.” Danny laughed and starting saying how Lori was EVIL. I simply said, “Thank you for finally realizing what I have to put up with … I’ll bet you have a whole new respect for me now.” He agreed.

While walking Sophie in order for her to do her business, Ted pointed out a nest of baby birds tucked up in the gazebo. Cool. Hopefully I’ll remember to go check their progress next week.

sunset, and Broomes Island , at our stern

sunset, and Broomes Island , at our stern

sunset, and home, at our bow

sunset, and home, at our bow

Engine Hrs: 104.1 – 105.3 Time: 4:50 pm – sunset
Conditions: storms passed through last night which brought along milder temperatures. After sweltering, oppressive heat, temps in the 80’s felt refreshing and almost cool.
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’

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