► Too Late To Go Back: May 27, 2015


Journey: Triple L Estate – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

Today begins Cornhole League at Stoney’s Broomes Island. The best thing about cornhole is seeing our friends again on a regular weekly basis. Although storms loomed throughout the region, everything seemed calm in our micro-climate so we decided to go by boat. We had barely left our slip and entered the creek when we noticed the radar now showing a small storm system popping up in our area. Oh well, it was now too late to turn around and instead drive.

0621 storm cellAs we traveled towards Broomes we watched a small storm shower over St. Mary’s County that looked as though it would pass north of Broomes. We could see whisps of lighter rain trails leading ahead of the concentrated storm cell. Actually, everything up river from Broomes looked VERY dark. As we began docking the air was thick with the smell of rain.

During the first round of cornhole it began to rain, but only for a short time. I thought, ‘Great, we’re in the clear.’ No such luck. Instead we had waves of on-again/ off-again rain storms throughout the evening.

This season’s league has a couple of new teams, one of which also came by boat. I went up to the husband, intending to ask, “What kind of crazy person would go out on a boat in this kind of weather?” As I introduced myself, he already knew we had also come by boat. He then told me, “My soon has worked on your boat.” I say, “Oh really… wait, you mean THIS boat?” “Yes,” he answers. I then find out that his son works for Annapolis Yacht Sales and has come down to our house a couple of times to work on certain items such as the bow thruster and the Lowarance.

Me and my little boyfriend

Me and my little boyfriend

During the evening I called A over to ask his age. He told me, then added how excited he was for his next birthday because his parents promised him a phone. I asked him who he had to call. He slowly listed, “Mom. Dad… oh, and my friends.” I then said, “I know who would love to get a phone call from you, your Aunt Missy.” His eyes lit up. I added that if I had my phone I’d take a picture right now and post it for her to see. He said, “Well, don’t you have your big camera?” I had to chuckle as it showed he really wanted his photo taken, “Why, yes I do.” I pulled it out and snapped this great photo of me and him.

panarama storm 1

0697 rainbowOne interesting thing with the storms: it was very dark and stormy from Broomes all the way up the river, but down river we saw mostly clear blue sky. So we endured rain at Stoney’s Broomes Island while Stoney’s Clarkes Landing and our home, both in Hollywood, enjoyed sunshine. On the bright side, the storm brought along beautiful rainbows.

0719 rainbow

Fortunately, by the time we were ready to leave all the storms had passed and we had a fairly pleasant ride home.

Engine Hrs: 94.3 – 95.0 Time: 5:00 pm –
Conditions: rainy
Vessel: “Gurlz Gotta Eat”, Beneteau Barracuda 9

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