Monthly Archives: May 2015

► Show Us Your Tatas: May 31, 2015

Julie took it upon herself to orchestrate getting men to bare their chest in order to have their photo taken.

► A Bit of Overkill: May 29, 2015

Nothing spectacular to report other than the usual antics with the regular locals …

► Too Late To Go Back: May 27, 2015

“What kind of crazy person would go out on a boat in this kind of weather?”

► We are throwing a party at your house: May 25, 2015

Surprisingly enough, all went very smoothly … like we knew what we were doing.

► Entertaining Fiasco: May 24, 2015

When the boat arrived, it looked barely seaworthy enough to safely transport the one fellow on board…. and so began their ‘rescue’ plan.

► Making it Happen: May 22, 2015

Jeannie pulled out a pink shirt for herself, and whipped off the shirt she was wearing. As she stood there in her pretty orangish bra, she wondered if it would also show through.

► Celebrating Retirement: May 17, 2015

This morning we tried to give the boat a long overdue good cleaning. Although we did not get it clean we did get it less dirty.

► Play it Safe: May 16, 2015

We looked again at the dopler radar and noticed possible pop-up storms coming our way.

► WHY leave all that?: May 13, 2015

having just returned from Washington and seeing the beauty of Seattle, Puget Sound, San Juan Islands, and the northwest peninsula makes me wonder WHY they would leave Washington.

► Unable to Extricate Himself: May 10, 2015

Somehow he ended up being pushed to shore between the restaurant and the pier. Unable to extricate himself from this predicament he ended up being towed out by a jet-ski!

► I’m Just Saying: May 8, 2015

What kind of guy chooses to go with two men vs two women?