► If You’re Serious, I’m Game: March 14, 2015

Saturday 14 March 2015

Journey: Triple L Estate – Kingfishers, Solomons Island – Triple L Estate

In the morning Kathy and Nathan walked over with Nathan and Caitlyn’s new black boxer puppy – Scout. SOOOOO cute, almost made us want a puppy. Almost. Sam and Caitlyn did join us. We sat around all morning chatting and watching the dogs hang out. When they left it was time to meet the Boyz for brunch.

6957 barry ericThey chose Clarkes Landing. Due to the weather conditions, and that Clarkes is so near, we drove rather than take the boat. We had a lovely brunch at Clarkes Landing after which the Boyz came to our house for afternoon drinks. (I had afternoon tea – my drink of choice of late, Unsweet Iced Tea).

6960 window viewAt about 5:30 Lori asked, “What do you think about taking the boat over to Solomons Island for dinner?” My response, “If you’re serious, then I’m course I’m up for it.” She was serious; we prepared the boat and the four of us departed shortly thereafter. Although the rain had not completely disappeared, it had nearly no effect. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring along our new defroster to see if it worked at keeping the windows from fogging.

6976 skyWe had a smooth ride on slightly rough water. Eric kept commenting about how nice the ride, and warm, inside the pilot house – “Like riding in a limousine.”

We had a fine meal at Kingfishers, as usual, and then returned home. As we raised the boat I mentioned to Lori that she had planned on going to the bank to get cash for tomorrow. Eric right away said that he had some cash, opened his wallet, and handed over nearly $300. That was so nice of him.

Engine Hrs: 79.2 – 79.9 Time: 5:45 p, – 7:50 pm
Conditions: all day – overcast and raining; when we departed we had light rain, mostly clear at the water level
Vessel: Gurlz Gotta Eat

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