► We found her in this condition: March 12, 2015

12 March 2015

Journey: Triple L Estate – Kingfishers, Solomons Island – Solomons Landing – Drum Point and Patuxent River – Triple L Estate – Solomons Landing – Triple L Estate

Annapolis Yacht Sales came down to Annapolis Yacht Sales in order to fix remaining items not addressed during their previous visit. They sent Travis, their Yamaha guy, and Chris, an electronics guy. I do like watching, closely, everything they do – not because I don’t trust them but because I want to learn from them.

The one thing I really wanted fixed – the bow thruster, could not be fixed since they sent parts for the wrong brand motor. Starting to have less faith in AYS’s lead shop guy who was here for the 90-day service.

Earlier in the day Kathy had called to see if we’d be around. She had plans to attend a going away luncheon for her bass and asked if we’d be willing to take her boss out on the boat to enjoy the Patuxent River. It seems as though this Navy woman has been based at the Pax for three years, AND living on the water, but has never once been on the Patuxent River. I told Kathy it depended entirely on AYS and their timing.

6843 fireAs soon as AYS finished out at around 2:30 we dropped the boat in the water and headed to Kingfishers. Enroute we noticed quite a bit of smoke out on the Bay. We wondered if something on Hooper’s Island was on fire, or was it a ship?

When we arrived Kathy had already been imbibing post 6886 sinking bargeand felt very happy. While we grabbed a quick bite to eat Kathy’s friend went to her house to change. When we were done we poured Kathy onto the boat (fortunately she had planned ahead and had brought boat appropriate shoes) and headed to Solomons Landing to pick up Kathy’s friend.

We headed out towards the Chesapeake Bay and then back up the river. As Lori hadn’t packed any 6890 wicked witchdrinks for herself, we headed to our house so she could grab a few beers. We also took the opportunity to use the facilities. Afterwards we then went back out on the river before taking Kathy’s friend back to her home.

When we returned to our house, Lori drove Kathy home. As soon as Lori saw Sam she said, “Hey, we found her in this condition.”

6933 cloud rainbow

Engine Hrs: 76.2 – Time: 2:30 – 5:00
Vessel: “Gurlz Gotta Eat”, Beneteau Barracuda 9


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