► Returning to the Scene: January 19, 2015

Monday 19 January 2015

Journey: Triple L Estate – Solomons Island – Stoney’s at Clarkes Landing – Triple L Estate

6230 house buildAfter yesterday’s surprise birthday party for Lori I didn’t expect her to be moving today. To my surprise she actually didn’t feel as bad as I expected. Due to the cold weather, Lori wants to make sure we keep the fuel tank topped off, so we decided to go over to the island. Along the way we saw progress being made at the floating dock house, which had been burned down in the fall.

6255 workboatDue to the fact that it’s WINTER, it still seemed rather warm. The only boats out on the water consisted of various work boats and us.

We arrived to the island to find out that Solomons Yachting Center was closed – we suspect because of the holiday. Oh well. We still had a decent amount of gas so we decided to return home. On the way I asked Lori if she’d be up for stopping quickly at Clarkes. She actually agreed. People at Clarkes Landing were also surprised to see her walk in the door. We sat and had a drink while helping Lori reconstruct a lot of events that had transpired throughout yesterday’s festivities.

After a short while we then returned home.

6265 bridge

Engine Hrs: 73.8 – 74.9 hrs Time: 12:20 pm – 2:05 pm
Conditions: partly sunny, temperature in the mid-40s, felt much warmer by mid-afternoon when more clouds cleared
Vessel: Gurlz Gotta Eat

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