► The Waiting Game: December 26, 2014


Journey: Triple L Estate – Lighthouse, Solomons Island – Triple L Estate – Clarkes Landing – Triple L Estate

Yesterday, Christmas day, the Boyz said they’d be delighted to go out today on the boat. When they arrived at our house, however, Eric made it known he wanted to simply stay at the house. DANG IT!!! We had a GORGEOUS day for going out. We sat in the sunroom for a number of hours watching our gorgeous sunny day slowly pass from late morning to early afternoon. During this time we also waited for Mark and Eily who arrived at National at 11:30 am.

At around two I received a text from Tony and Suzanne asking if we’d be interested in meeting them on the island. Of course we would be interested! We tried talking Eric into going but to no avail. It seemed as though Barry wanted to go, and we even said we’d take him home afterwards – but alas, he, somewhat reluctantly, declined.

We called Eily to determine their estimated ETA. They were still at the rental place waiting for a car!!! Unbelievable – they had a reservation and arrived to find ZERO cars available. Over two hours after arrival and they still had no car.

6180 yellow catamaranI prepared for departure, which gave the not so subtle clue that I planned on leaving. We had no intention of waiting any longer. By the time we left for the island Tony and Suzanne had moved from Striped Rick to the Lighthouse, so that’s where we headed. When we arrived at the Lighthouse we saw Joe and Dana also at the table. They didn’t’ know we had bought a new boat until we pulled up to the dock.

I walked up to the bar to order a drink. The bartender said that since we had a table we would be served by a wait staff. This irritated me a bit because now, instead of getting my drink right away I had to wait for the wait staff to come out. As I waited, three staff came out but not a single one came to our table – and I continued to wait. Finally a server came over and took our order, but instead of placing our order with the bartender she went to another table to check on them.

Eventually the bartender received our order, poured our drinks, and set them at the pick-up area where they sat, waiting for the server to return and pick them up for delivery. And again – I waited. I was less than amused. Now we know why it’s called ‘wait staff.’

6185 lighthouseOnce I FINALLY had my drink, Joe, Dana, and I walked down to the boat so I could give them a tour. They left shortly afterwards and we sat talking with Tony and Suzanne. At dusk we returned home with just enough light in the sky to ease navigation. We arrived home just as Mark and Eily entered the neighborhood.

Since we already had the boat in the water, and it’s the first time Mark and Eily saw the boat, we decided to go out to Clarkes Landing for dinner. Going home was interesting as we had a slight problem with the windows fogging up due to the now much chillier night air.

Engine Hrs: 72.8 – 73.4, 73.4 – 73.8 Time: 3 pm – 5:35 pm; 5:50 pm – 7:10 pm
Conditions: very sunny, slightly cool – although surprisingly warm when you consider it’s the end of December
Vessel: ‘Gurlz Gotta Eat’; Beneteau Barracuda 9

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