► Slogging our Way: December 14, 2014

Sunday 14 December 2014

Journey: Triple L Estate – SeaBreeze – Vera’s White Sands – Triple L Estate

6042 line of wavesWe went out with the intention of having lunch at SeaBreeze. When we first left the water seemed fairly calm with just slight rippled waves. Once we passed marker 13 however, with the change in river direction, and no longer having the land blocking the wind, it became outrageously rough. Marker 13 showed a distinct line between calmish water and very rough water. The further we traveled up river, the rougher it became with waves at over two feet. To make it worse, wind and waves came from the north-west and we essentially had to head directly into the waves.

6075 cloud bankWe slowly slogged our way up river. The dock are at SeaBreeze had extremely rough water. We tried twice to dock, but then I quickly realized that once we docked the boat would be severely rocked and likely bang against the dock. I decided it wasn’t worth it and told Lori I wanted to try some other place. I originally suggested going to Solomons Island, but Lori didn’t want to go that far. Instead she suggested Vera’s as it would likely provide protected slips.

Once inside we realized going to Vera’s was a bit of a mistake. A band played inside, and as usual, it was obnoxiously loud. I don’t understand how 6119 cloud bank sternestablishments can get away with playing so loud inside yet there’s a noise ordinance for outside. I tried to find a place as far away from the speakers as possible, but it was so flipping loud it was unpleasant at times. To top it off, we had TERRIBLE service. Yet another unpleasant Vera’s experience.

Fortunately, returning home was less stressful as we had rolling waves.

Engine Hrs: 70.0 – 71.4 Time: 2:15 pm – 5 pm
Conditions: began with a slight wind and a bit of chill, once rounded marker 13 became very rough, waves 2+ feet, wind and waves from NW
Vessel: Beneteau Barracuda 9

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