► Bay Baby: October 31, 2014

FRIDAY 31 OCTOBER 2014 – Halloween Night

Journey: Triple L Estate – Blackstone Marina, Hollywood – Triple L Estate – Cuckold Creek, St. Mary’s County – Stoney’s, Broomes Island – Triple L Estate

2372 jetIn the mid-afternoon Lori and I went to Blackstone Marina in order to pump out the head and winterize the system for the season. When we returned home we then winterized all of the water systems – except the raw water intake because we couldn’t get the hose connector off in order to pour in the antifreeze. Lori will need to work on that.

Shortly after finishing and putting the boat away for the night we got a message from our neighbors, Rick and Stephanie, saying they were headed to Broomes Island and asked if we’d want to meet them there. We offered to take them with us on our boat but they had already left.

2379 rick bay stephanieWe put the boat in the water and headed out. On our way down Cuckold Creek we met Rick and Stephanie returning up the creek. Stephanie said she was FREEZING so they had turned around. I was so happy to see their new puppy’s face pop up over the side! Good, they are taking her out as a part of the family.

We told them it was warm in our pilot house so they could go with us, AND they could bring the puppy, Bay, too. At first they declined thinking it would be an inconvenience but we quickly convinced them otherwise. We followed them back to their pier and once the boat was up they got on board and we took off. The river was slightly rough, with waves coming from the north which meant we hit them almost head on.

2402 bayStephanie was so impressed, and pleased, with how warm it was in our boat. Having the pilot house to protect us from the wind makes a significant difference! Bay spent most of the ride up in the bow. We tried to get her to come down to the pilot house but she seemed too scared to step down from the bow area. I was surprised at how brave she was, though, in the bow by propping her front feet on the benches and looking out over the front. At one point, however, she actually jumped onto the bow hatch. That scared us because we didn’t know if she’d slip or jump. I quickly, but gently, slowed down hoping that she wouldn’t fall in before we could get to her. We then brought her into the pilot house.

2409 skyWhen we arrived at Stoney’s we pulled in, forward, at the main pier that comes out directly from the restaurant. We set water and toys out for Bay and left her in the bow area. She did begin to whine and cry as she watched us leave but she got over that once we went inside. Fortunately, with the high gunwales and the bow being further from the pier, we didn’t think she’d jump.

0064 bay bowPeriodically Rick and I would look out the windows to check on her. The few times I would look and not see her I searched the water looking for frantic splashing or a floating brown blob. At one point we saw her sitting on the bow, next to the windlass. She looked so very cute and comfortable sitting there. Not surprising there was almost no one at Stoney’s. We still had a fine time. A few people did show up later for a few drinks, but that was it.

0066 kristine lori jonathan stephanie rickAfter returning home Rick and Stephanie stayed for a few more drinks. Too many drinks for Stephanie as she ended up passed out in the chair. Fortunately, I had behaved myself – as a good captain should. I liked that Bay had an opportunity to play with Sophie. Surprisingly, Bay wasn’t like a typical hyper-active puppy all in Sophie’s face. Instead, they would play for a bit then Bay would go off and have alone time. She is a GOOD puppy.

Time: 2:00 pm – 2:30 pm; 4:55 pm – 8:30 pm
Engine Hrs: 65.9 – 66.1; 66.1 – 67.1
Conditions: cool during the day; quite cold in the evening; breezy with slightly rough seas from the north
Vessel: Beneteau Barracuda 9

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